Cost of Fibroid Removal at Tenwek Mission Hospital

Posted on 12th May 2023 14:36:40 in Hospital, Diseases

The cost of fibroid removal at Tenwek Mission Hospital varies depending on the size and location of the fibroids, the type of surgery performed, and the pa

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How to Cure Gonorrhea without going to the Doctor

Posted on 17th Mar 2023 15:46:18 in Diseases

Because of the perceived shame and long queues of booking doctors, many people opt to look for ways to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor. While it

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Lymphatic filariasis has Grounded 7 family Members

Posted on 8th Jul 2020 18:16:02 in Diseases

In news that was aired by citizen tv, Mr. Maurice Obonyo is a sad man after 7 of his family members have been grounded by a disease. At 95 years, Mr. Mauri

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Breast cancer treatment in Kenya

Posted on 26th Mar 2020 05:32:36 in Diseases

Breast cancer treatment in Kenya as you suspected is the uncontrolled cell growth starting in the breast and affects women more compared to men. Some of th

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Examples of Zoonotic Diseases

Posted on 18th Mar 2020 11:40:38 in Diseases

Zoonotic diseases are diseases spread from animals to humans through direct or indirect contact, and via water, food and other methods. Examples of z

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What are Zoonotic Diseases?

Posted on 18th Mar 2020 09:35:35 in Diseases

What are Zoonotic Diseases? A zoonotic disease is a type of diseases caused by germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other disease-causing organi

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Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

Posted on 18th Mar 2020 08:45:03 in Diseases

In this article you will learn about the symptoms of Coronavirus COVD-19. Previously, we looked at the defination of Coronavirus Disease, maybe

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