List of 100 maternity Hospitals and Maternity Costs for Normal or CS Birth

Posted on 27th Feb 2024 05:22:22 in Know How, Hospital

Welcome to the realm of maternity care in Kenya, where the journey of childbirth is influenced by healthcare accessibility and costs. The listing below wil

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How to Pay NHIF through E citizen: Step By step Process

Posted on 5th Feb 2024 15:13:37 in Know How

You can now Pay NHIF through E citizen. This article will show you a step by step process of paying NHIF monthly rates through E-Citizen. The National Hea

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Comprehensive list of Hospitals accepting NHIF cover for CT scan

Posted on 5th Jan 2024 07:22:10 in Know How

This list provides a straightforward overview of hospitals across Kenya where you can get a CT scan covered by your NHIF plan. No more searching or second-

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CT Scan cost in Kenya 2024-2025

Posted on 5th Jan 2024 06:48:14 in Know How

Cost of CT Scan in various Kenyan counties. The table below shows a list of CT Scan costs in Kenya 2024-2025         State

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Nairobi's Most Recommended Dentist (Sterling Dental Clinic)

Posted on 31st Dec 2023 12:33:21 in Know How

Smile Like a Star at Nairobi's Most Recommended Dentist (Sterling Dental Clinic) regarded as Nairobi's Best Dental Clinic. Nairobi Sterling Dental Clinic i

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Step-by-Step Guide to a Straighter Smile with Metal Braces

Posted on 31st Dec 2023 11:28:37 in Know How

Considering getting metal braces in Kenya? Are you already equipped with the price list for teeth braces? In our previous article, we gave detailed discuss

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Kids' Raincoats in Nairobi: Staying Dry and Stylish

Posted on 22nd Nov 2023 08:29:37 in Know How

In this article, we'll explore the world of kids' raincoats in Nairobi, from the different types available to the price ranges, and even consider sustainab

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