Likoni Ferry Victim's Family Receives Payment from Car Insurance Compensation

Posted on 15th Oct 2019 08:11:36 in Loans, News

John Wambua, husband of the Late Miriam Kighenda and Amanda Mutheu's father Receive Insurance Compensation for his car that plunged into the Indian Ocean l

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Updated List of Best Managed Matatu, Investment, & Business Saccos

Posted on 10th May 2019 22:45:59 in Loans

Saccos in Kenya Largest matatu Sacco in Kenya, matatu Sacco registration, list of all saccos in kenya, housing saccos in kenya, best saccos in ken

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Procedure for Repaying HELB Loan by Mpesa Paybill Number 200800

Posted on 5th May 2019 14:06:58 in Loans, Education

It is simple to pay HELB Loan by Mpesa pay bill number 200800. This is the procedure for paying the Higher Education Loans Board (helb) via Mpesa pay bill

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Medical Credit Fund: A Medical Loan Lending Company to Boost Your Medical Business

Posted on 1st May 2019 11:25:49 in Loans

The Medical Credit fund: Medical Loan lending compay was established in 2009 as part of the PharmAccess Group, with a vision of "increase access

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Online Mobile Loans In kenya Apply and Repay In case of any Medical Emergency

Posted on 1st May 2019 10:35:09 in Loans

Yes, Indeed the world has evolved from the manual loan services to the online mobile loans which once you apply, it only takes at most 5 minutes you get th

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