Fascinating Places to Visit in Nairobi City any day

Posted on 3rd Jun 2020 18:57:45 in Travel

Nairobi, Kenya's capital and largest city, still conjures all the romance and adventure of its colorful colonial days.  ✅But even in such a bustl

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The Car that Plunged Into Likoni Channel has Been Retrieved

Posted on 7th Dec 2019 09:28:16 in Travel, News

Likoni Ferry tragedy update.  News reaching our desk now from verified sources have confirmed that the vehicle that plunged into the Indian ocean in

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Yet Another Likoni Ferry Tragedy Today, Search Underway

Posted on 7th Dec 2019 04:41:05 in Travel, News

  Another vehicle has plunged into Indian Ocean Today Morning December 07 2019. This is another Likoni Ferry Tragedy that comes barely 3 months after

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Egg donation: Procedure, donor criteria, and legal implications

Posted on 23rd Aug 2019 14:23:51 in Know How, Travel

The procedure of egg donation typically involves a doctor removing an egg or eggs from the donor, fertilizing them in a laboratory, and then transferring t

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It's Now 10 YEARS SINCE I DONATED MY EGGS —Things I wish I'd Known Before Donating my Egg

Posted on 23rd Aug 2019 14:00:21 in Know How, Travel

  Somewhere in this world are two children who share my genesEgg donation is a brief procedure with a good success rate. It involves a doct

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I Donated My Eggs For The Money

Posted on 23rd Aug 2019 13:49:53 in Travel, Know How

I Donated My Eggs For The Money — And I Don’t Regret It. The Process of donating an egg or ovum might seem daunting but it's worth it

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