Causes and Treatment of Acne on the Face

Posted on 25th Mar 2019 08:20:26 in Diseases

  What causes acne on the face?   What can I put on my face for acne?   What is the best treatment for ac

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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)/STD

Posted on 20th Mar 2019 13:56:50 in Diseases

Also known as sexually transmitted conditions and previously as sexually transmitted diseases (STD), venereal disease (VD) and social disease. Infection/

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Posted on 20th Mar 2019 13:38:19 in Diseases, Know How

HIV/Aids is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV is mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse, but can also be passed down from mother

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How to Deal With OVARIAN CYST Before or After Pregnancy

Posted on 8th Mar 2019 05:02:50 in Know How, Diseases

N/B: Even virgins can have ovarian cysts and one needs to visit a gynacologist to be sure of what she is suffering from. Here is my story 11th of June was

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