Price of Braces for Teeth at Afya Mile dental clinic

Posted on 24th Jul 2023 16:03:05 in Hospital

Afya Mile Dental Clinic offers a wide range of dental services, including braces, teeth whitening, fillings, crowns, and extractions. Its a modern and wel

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Braces for Teeth Price list in Kenya

Posted on 24th Jul 2023 15:59:42 in Hospital

Before diving into the braces for teeth price list in Nairobi, Kenya, it is important to note that braces are a common way to straighten teeth and improve

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List of 30 popular dental clinics in Nairobi, their prices for braces, contacts, and locations.

Posted on 3rd Jul 2023 14:12:56 in Hospital

In Nairobi, there are many dental clinics that offer a variety of services, including braces. This list of 30 popular dental clinics in Nairobi provides in

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Royal Smiles Dental Clinic: Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Dental Needs

Posted on 3rd Jul 2023 12:37:57 in Hospital

Royal Smiles Dental Clinic is a leading dental clinic in Nairobi, Kenya that offers a wide range of dental services. They are staffed by experienced and qu

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Annual salary for registered nurses (RNs) with a bachelor

Posted on 17th May 2023 17:41:59 in Question & Answer, Hospital

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for registered nurses (RNs) with a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN)

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Cost of Fibroid Removal at Tenwek Mission Hospital

Posted on 12th May 2023 14:36:40 in Hospital, Diseases

The cost of fibroid removal at Tenwek Mission Hospital varies depending on the size and location of the fibroids, the type of surgery performed, and the pa

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Tenwek Hospital Maternity Charges

Posted on 12th May 2023 14:12:12 in Hospital

According to Tenwek Hospital's website, the following are the charges for maternity services: Normal delivery: Ksh. 10,000 Caesarean section: Ksh. 25,0

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