Comparing Maternity package costs of MP Shah, Metropolitan, and Jacaranda Hospitals.

 In this comparative analysis, we delve into the maternity package costs of three renowned hospitals in Nairobi: MP Shah Hospital, Metropolitan Hospital, and Jacaranda Hospital. As expectant parents weigh their options, understanding the financial implications of maternity care becomes paramount.

Join us as we dissect the costs, revealing the comparative affordability of maternity packages offered by these esteemed healthcare institutions.


Let's compare the maternity package costs at MP Shah Hospital, Metropolitan Hospital, and Jacaranda Hospital to highlight the relative differences:

  1. MP Shah Hospital:

    • Normal Delivery: Ksh 120,000
    • Caesarian Section: Ksh 250,000


  1. Metropolitan Hospital:

    • Antenatal Clinic Package: Ksh 25,000
    • Midwife-Assisted Delivery: Ksh 40,000
    • Doctor-Assisted Delivery: Ksh 60,000
    • Caesarian Section Delivery: Ksh 120,000


  1. Jacaranda Hospital:

    • Uhakika Package (Normal Delivery): Ksh 40,000 (inclusive of antenatal care)
    • Uhakika Package (Caesarian Section): Ksh 65,000 (inclusive of antenatal care) for cash-paying clients
    • NHIF-covered Normal Delivery with Antenatal Care: Ksh 35,000
    • NHIF-covered Caesarian Section with Antenatal Care: Ksh 50,000




  • MP Shah Hospital's normal delivery cost is Ksh 120,000, which is higher than the total cost of a Caesarian Section at Metropolitan Hospital (Ksh 120,000).


  • MP Shah Hospital's Caesarian Section cost (Ksh 250,000) is higher than both Metropolitan Hospital and Jacaranda Hospital's Caesarian Section costs.


  • The Uhakika Package for normal delivery at Jacaranda Hospital (Ksh 40,000) is significantly more economical than MP Shah Hospital's normal delivery cost.


  • For clients with NHIF coverage, the cost of a normal delivery with antenatal care at Jacaranda Hospital (Ksh 35,000) is notably lower than MP Shah Hospital's normal delivery cost, making Jacaranda a relatively more affordable option.


In summary, both Metropolitan Hospital and Jacaranda Hospital offer more cost-effective maternity packages compared to MP Shah Hospital, providing potential alternatives for individuals seeking quality maternity care at a relatively lower expense.

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Date published: 22/09/2017
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