Contamination of Supermarket Shopping Carts

Posted on 25th Jan 2020 14:06:07 in Know How

Contamination of Supermarket Shopping Carts       Who would have thought that grocery shopping was such a risky activity?  &nb

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Full List of Courses offered at KMTC and Fees Structure 2020

Posted on 23rd Dec 2019 09:26:21 in Know How, Health, Education

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is one of the best colleges in Kenya offering medical training both to government-sponsored and self-sponsored studen

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No human is limited Eliud kipchoge makes world history

Posted on 12th Oct 2019 09:30:35 in News, Know How

No human is limited in Vienna by Eliud Kipchoge has made world history that no human is limited and we can go past what is unbelievable.  You did i

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List of ENT Specialists in Kenya

Posted on 13th Sep 2019 14:21:20 in Know How

List of ENT Specialists in Kenya Below is a List of ENT Specialists Kenya. The ENT Specialists are not arranged in any order. You can also find ENT spec

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Updated List Of Oncologists In Kenya & their Contacts

Posted on 13th Sep 2019 14:05:52 in Know How

Oncologists in Kenya updated 2019 Oncologist: A doctor who has special training in diagnosing and treating cancer in patients using chemotherapy, hormonal

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Latest List Of Pediatricians In Kenya

Posted on 13th Sep 2019 13:53:53 in Know How

List Of Pediatricians In Kenya Pediatricians in Kenya. Who is a Pediatrician?A pediatrician is a medical practitioner specializing in children and

Read More Payslip view & Download

Posted on 26th Aug 2019 10:18:33 in Know How, Education

The beneficiaries ❤ of Payslip view & Download can use the GHRIS online platform to view and download their payslips without hus

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