What is the cost of aggregated Mpesa Line

Posted on 21st Sep 2021 13:14:13 in Know How

Before answering your concerns about the cost of aggregated Mpesa Line, let me give a heads up about the meaning of these terms. Aggregated Mpesa line mean

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How to Renew Digital Driving Licence in Kenya

Posted on 21st Sep 2021 13:01:19 in Know How

Below is the updated procedure on how to renew the digital driving license in Kenya. Follow each step because it is important so that you do not pay money

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Differences Between Aggregated & Non-Aggregated Mpesa Line

Posted on 13th Dec 2020 05:32:32 in Know How

Are you looking to start a Mpesa shop so now you want to buy Mpesa line? The process of getting a Mpesa line is not tedious, but the hassle of knowing if t

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Updated Procedure for Renewing PPB premises license using online portal

Posted on 26th Aug 2020 05:38:37 in Know How

Below is the updated procedure for renewing the PPB premises license using PPB online portal.  Visit the online PPB portal Click on practition

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How to Clean Baby’s Feeding Bottles ✅

Posted on 25th Aug 2020 15:01:13 in Know How

Here is the simplest and free procedure on how to Clean Baby’s Feeding Bottles. 1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling ba

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Best Hospitals in Mombasa Offering Maternity Services and their Prices

Posted on 10th Aug 2020 19:49:01 in Know How

Maternity fees come into consideration when a new life is brought into this world. An individual should compare the prices and see where she fits during he

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GHRIS Payslip Login

Posted on 13th Jul 2020 18:33:24 in Know How

You have arrived here because you want to login and download your GHRIS payslip. There are several methods to login but this is the only working way. 

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