WHO Declares CoronaVirus a Global Pandemic Outbreak Emergency

Posted on 11th Mar 2020 17:31:31 in News, Diseases

On Wednesday the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared CoronaVirus a pandemic outbreak Emergency. For several months since the first case was detec

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Qiaokou District Hospital in Wuhan City Closed on March 1st 2020

Posted on 2nd Mar 2020 02:48:59 in News

The closure of Qiaokou District Hospital in Wuhan City Closed on March 1st 2020 comes as Good news to everyone in Wuhan city. The Good News informs t

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News Spreading about Corona Virus in Kenya is Fake

Posted on 29th Feb 2020 14:30:16 in News

The Kenyatta National Hospital today has refuted the claims spreading on social media that one suspected case has tested positive terming it as false. Thi

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North Korea's first confirmed Corona Virus patient shot dead: report

Posted on 28th Feb 2020 08:53:41 in News

In what appears to be a rather drastic measure to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID 19), North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un allegedly sanct

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Man who Invented Ctrl Cut, Paste, Find & Replace Has Died

Posted on 20th Feb 2020 11:24:47 in News

The inventor of Ctrl X, Ctrl C, and Ctrl V has Died. The cut and paste command was inspired by old techniques of editing that involved cutting portions/se

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Why an increase in H Pylori Bacteria Cases in Kenya?

Posted on 17th Dec 2019 10:27:03 in News, Diseases

In recent there has been an increase in the number of H Pylori Bacteria in Kenya and Africa at large. But why an increase in H Pylori Bacteria Cases? In th

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Man who plunged Into Likoni Channel was Victim of Domestic Abuse-Family

Posted on 10th Dec 2019 14:56:24 in News

  John Mutinda the man who plunged into the Likoni Channel on 7th Saturday after speedingly driving into the Indian Ocean was a disturbed abused man.

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