Be Informed of the Symptoms as Cholera Outbreak Hits The Nairobi Hospital.

Posted on 17th Apr 2019 04:55:28 in News

In the past 2 days, Kenyans have been hit with the bad news of the cholera outbreak as reported from Nairobi hospital. Actually, about 23 cases has been re

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Harvesting of Kidneys from Corpses: Soon kenyans will Start Donating Body Parts Upon Death.

Posted on 11th Apr 2019 15:55:14 in News

For a long time, stories about kidney transplant, harvesting kidney from people, organ harvesting, organ trafficking cases, blackmarket organ trade have be

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Meet Dr. Peninah Kitilili: Dermatologist, Paediatrician, & STDs Specialist

Posted on 8th Apr 2019 16:18:34 in News

Summary DR. PENINAH KITILILI is the only doctor in the whole country who wears three hats concurrently. She wears the hat of a dermatologist (skin care)

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Finally! 258 Patients Initially Detained over Debts by Kenyatta National Hopsital have been Set Free

Posted on 4th Apr 2019 13:34:43 in News, Hospital

The largest referral hospital in east and central Africa allowed 258 Patients Initially Detained over Debts by Kenyatta National Hopsital to go home after

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In attempt to revenge on a colleague, a Teacher from central China poisons 23 kindergarten children

Posted on 2nd Apr 2019 14:45:58 in News

  A teacher in Jiaozuo in the Henan province, central China, allegedly poisoned 23 children in a kindergarten level by mixing and tampering wi

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Through Pictures Posted on Facebook Page, Kenyatta National Hospital Asks the Public to Help them Identify the Patients

Posted on 2nd Apr 2019 13:53:35 in Hospital, News

In Summary Today kenyatta hopsital woke the public with suprising news after posting the pictures of their patients on their facebook page. The hospital

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Janet Mbugua Ndichu Shares her struggle with Endometriosis

Posted on 27th Mar 2019 10:12:14 in News, Diseases

She has been struggling with endometriosis for the longest time now, not until 2005, when she went for diagnosis  "laparoscopy for deep ovarian e

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