Through Pictures Posted on Facebook Page, Kenyatta National Hospital Asks the Public to Help them Identify the Patients

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Today kenyatta hopsital woke the public with suprising news after posting the pictures of their patients on their facebook page.

The hospital wants the public to help them identify the faces posted and share with them any information through the contacts.

Kenyans on Social Media has received this news with mixed feelings of uncertainity since the hospital did not include the reasons for identification.


By the time this blog is going live or published, Kenyatta hosptal was trending on social media pages (facebook) after posting the faces of different people with whom can be identified as their patients. In their posts, the hospital was asking the public if they know or can identify any of the persons posted and help share information with the hospital. With the good heart of the Kenyans on their facebook page, the posted faces were shared very quickly as some of the facebook users allegedly saying they know some of the faces.


In their post, Kenyatta National Hospital listed their hot helpline numbers whcih the public can use to reach them and share any information with the hospital regarding the faces posted.

However, it was not clear why the hospital decided to post the faces of their facebook page without much information as to why they need the public to help them in identifying the faces. Some of the facebook users went ahead to make different assumptions as evidenced from their facebook page.

 Some of the assumtpions were;
  1. Fraciah Kamau I think these ars pts who were brought to the hospital by police or well wishers so now that they are better they need their families to get to know where they are.

    My thinking
  2. Nas Binti Abdiweli What is happening KNH, Do you have patients day out? Why call police again?   
  3. Fredy Tiger Hawa walihepa na bills
  4. Trizah Ndung'u Favoured Wameachiliwa 
  5. Ciku Nyoxs We fear saying we know any since we don't know the reason behind it.unaweza jipata mahakamani..this is Kenya.clarify why you want us to identify them please.
    • Fraciah Kamau Ciku Nyoxs i think they are tracing their pple. 
      Mostly abandoned patients or accident victims brought by well wishers or police
    • Kandie Kelwon Ciku Nyoxs They have treated and discharged. No relative contact
    • Joseph Kamugi Sherrif Ati tracing relatives and u have been told to report to police
 However, we have recieved updates that the hosptial decided to release patients who have not been able to pay their hospital bills citing that if a patient has not been able to pay the bill for the days admitted, retaining him or her does not change anything since he will still be unable to pay.

Kenyatta National Hospital Sets Free 258 Patients initially Detained Over Debts



For 258 patients detained at Kenyatta National Hospital over unpaid bills, Tuesday was a day to celebrate.

The largest referral hospital in east and central Africa allowed them to go home after a public outcry.

Jubilant family members thronged the hospital to greet and escort them home.

"I am happy. This is God's doing. I just want to leave this place and go home," Mr Joram Githaka, who had been detained for a month, said.

He was taken to KNH with severe burns four months ago.



During a press briefing, KNH board chairman James Kamau said the patients had not been detained "as widely reported by the media".

"The patients had been discharged but had not completed clearing," Dr Mwangi said.

He added that the 2,000-bed-capacity hospital handles about 70,000 inpatients and 600,000 outpatients every year.

Dr Mwangi said a large number of patients in emergency care cannot meet the cost of treatment.

"About 30 per cent of the patients in the accident and emergency unit are unable to settle their bills. KNH is owed Sh5.6 billion in accrued debts since 2003," he said.



Kenyatta National hospital is always open to suggestions and complaints from the public. Any complaint should be directed through the various contacts:

We listen, we care.

Our contact numbers are:

Kenyatta National Hospital,
P.O Box 20723-00202,
Nairobi.Tel. 020-2726300
Cell. 0709 85400/ 0730 643000
KNH Hotline: 020 2737390

Hezekiel Gikambi
Ag. Marketing and Communication Manager


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Date published: 22/09/2017
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