Nursing Colleges in Nairobi

Posted on 13th Apr 2023 10:06:40 in Education

Nursing is one of the best rewarding careers in Kenya. In this article, you will learn about the various nursing colleges in Nairobi, but before that, it's

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How to Cure Gonorrhea without going to the Doctor

Posted on 17th Mar 2023 15:46:18 in Diseases

Because of the perceived shame and long queues of booking doctors, many people opt to look for ways to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor. While it

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List of Best Dyslexia schools in Kenya

Posted on 16th Mar 2023 05:25:30 in Education

                    Should a child with dyslexia go to a special school? The decision to send a child w

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Reasons not to have bariatric surgery (Weight Loss Surgery)

Posted on 16th Feb 2023 13:37:07 in Know How

Bariatric or weight loss surgery is a clinically approved procedure for helping individuals, usually obese to achieve weight loss. The benefits of the surg

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Contraindications for administering an enema include all of the following EXCEPT

Posted on 14th Feb 2023 09:30:26 in Question & Answer

Contraindications for administering an enema include all of the following EXCEPT suspected appendicitis. hypercalcemia treatment. acute myoc

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KMTC Fee Structure for 2023

Posted on 10th Feb 2023 07:11:17 in Education

School and college fees have been adjusted following the harsh economic times worldwide. The post below gives a detailed overview of KMTC school Fees for

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List of 10 Best Hospitals in Dubai offering bariatric weight loss surgery

Posted on 3rd Feb 2023 07:44:09 in Health

Bariatric/weight loss surgery has become popular and its offered to people with morbid obesity or those struggling to lose weight despite having tried the

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