Tenwek Hospital Maternity Charges

Posted on 12th May 2023 14:12:12 in Hospital

According to Tenwek Hospital's website, the following are the charges for maternity services: Normal delivery: Ksh. 10,000 Caesarean section: Ksh. 25,0

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Kenyatta National Hospital Nursing School

Posted on 12th May 2023 13:37:33 in Hospital, Education

Kenyatta National Hospital Nursing School (KNH) is one of the oldest and most prestigious nursing schools in Kenya. It was founded in 1926 and has since pr

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15 Reasons Why Eating Fruits is Better than Fresh Juice

Posted on 12th May 2023 12:26:46 in Lifestyle, Health

Many people get to ask about fruit or fruit juice which is better, eating fruit vs drinking a smoothie, blended fruit juice vs whole fruit, and is drinking

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Updated List of Best Juice Bars in Nairobi and Their Location

Posted on 12th May 2023 11:28:07 in Lifestyle, Health

Here is an article about a list of the best Juice Bars in Nairobi, Kenya, their location and contacts. The Best Juice Bars in Nairobi A juice bar is a bu

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Fresh Juice Sellers in Nairobi

Posted on 12th May 2023 10:35:06 in Lifestyle, Health

If you're looking for a healthy and refreshing way to start or end your day after work, look no further than fresh juice sellers in Nairobi. There are many

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Radiant Hospital Maternity Charges

Posted on 30th Apr 2023 10:14:24 in Health

Radiant Hospital maternity charges The maternity charges for Radiant Hospital include; Normal delivery, ranging from Ksh. 25,000 – 35,000, and Cease

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PCEA TumuTumu Hospital and Training College

Posted on 15th Apr 2023 17:53:21 in Hospital, Education

The locals also know Pcea Tumutumu Hospital as Tumutumu mission hospital, one of the largest privately owned hospitals in Nyeri County. It has been serving

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