AON TSC Medical Insurance Contacts Updated 2019

Posted on 3rd May 2019 08:06:22 in Education, Insurance

AON CONTACTS Headquarters Aon House Mamlaka Road Nairobi, Kenya Telephone: +254 020 497 4000 Fax: +254 20 272 2437 Learn on how to register and add

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Benefits of the AON Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Medical Scheme

Posted on 3rd May 2019 06:45:11 in Insurance, Education

What are the Benefits of the AON TSC scheme?   TSC MEDICAL SCHEME NOW appreciated by Teachers.They now speak of it highly. Kudos to @Aon_Kenya @

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AON TSC Medical Scheme Registration and Adding Dependants.

Posted on 3rd May 2019 06:39:12 in Insurance, Education

  In partnership with the Teachers Service Commission of Kenya, AON registration provides a medical insurance cover which ensures that teachers obtai

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What you need to know about AFYAMED HFIA group Health Insurance COVER

Posted on 4th Apr 2019 19:36:12 in Insurance

This is a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient medical insurance cover from Housing Finance Group geared to suit various medical needs which are unique t

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NHIF vs Private Insurance Medical Cards (private health hospital covers) in Kenya

Posted on 4th Apr 2019 19:29:49 in Insurance

This article explains and exposes the differences and discripancies of using NHIF vs other medical insurance (private health hospital covers) in kenya. The

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Why EVERYONE should have an NHIF card in kenya

Posted on 4th Apr 2019 19:23:25 in Insurance

A raft of measures to turn around the fortunes of Kenya’s largest health insurance fund have given a ray of hope to hundreds of thousands of needy pa

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How to Access Out- Patient Services using NHIF membership

Posted on 20th Mar 2019 12:04:39 in Insurance

NHIF Members are expected to seek Out-Patient treatment in their selected medical facility. Members in job groups A-K will have unlimited outpatient servic

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