AON TSC Medical Scheme Registration and Adding Dependants.


In partnership with the Teachers Service Commission of Kenya, AON registration provides a medical insurance cover which ensures that teachers obtain the best medical attention. As a leading international Insurance firm, AON also has its services in Kenya where it serves the Teachers Service Commission teachers for their medical needs as well as other risks such as retirement, and health solutions. AON TSC  Insurance scheme covers the teachers themselves, their spouses, and their children; i.e. direct dependents to the teachers. With the AON TSC online registration, teachers can use their phones to register, unlike the past where they had to make long queues to access these services.

AON registration

AON came into agreement with the TEACHERS SERVICE COMMISSION (TSC) in 1st July 2015 to take control of the multi-billion money directed for the medical cover that enables any health facility to provide top-notch services to the teachers and their immediate family members at all times. Currently, AON manages about 350,000 teachers around the country. 




With the advance in technology, teachers just need a phone and some credentials for AON and even add their dependants. You do not need the AON registration form to fill for the process to be complete. It is important to note that you can dial a USSD code using Safaricom or Airtel SIM card and follow the guide below:

AON TSC online registration process 

To register for AON medical cover through your mobile phone:

From Safaricom line dial *384*847#
From Airtel *865#
Have your DOB, ID no, TSC no and pay station code with you
Also the ID of your spouse, DOB, the DOB of children if applicable


1. Type *384*847# from Safaricom Line and *865# from Airtel Line.
You will be welcomed with a message "Welcome to Aon TSC Medical Insurance Registration".
2. Enter your TSC Number and ID Number
The above will be verified against TSC database
3. If successful, you will be asked to enter Name (surname and other names), DOB, Workstation Number, family size including self, gender and whether you and other members of your family stay together.
If not successful, you will be asked to contact a number at Aon for further assistance (020 497 4799, 0730 647 799, 0719 044 799).
All erroneous attempts will be logged onto the system and will be queried so as to reach the teacher in 'Registration Distress' or control fraudsters
4. Once done, you will be given a pass-code that you can use to register your dependants and a message confirming that you are now a fully registered member with Aon TSC Medical Scheme
5. While registering your spouse, please provide telephone number
6. While registered children, please state whether they are disabled. If over eighteen (18) of age, kindly provide their ID Numbers

The procedure for AON TSC registration using a phone with an Airtel SIM card is exactly the same as above for Safaricom, because you dial the same USSD *252# for self-registration. The difference comes when confirming if dependents are registered using an Airtel number, as you will need to dial *865#. 




What are the Benefits of the AON TSC scheme? 





AON Centers>


Aon House
Mamlaka Road
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 020 497 4000
Fax: +254 20 272 2437

AON Kenya Contacts: Nairobi

Aon Kenya Insurance Brokers Limited
Aon House
Processional Way
Off Nyerere Road
00100 Kenya Telephone: (254) 020 497 4000/5000

AON Kenya Contacts: Coast

Aon Kenya Insurance Brokers Limited
Coast Division
P.O. Box 81383
Kenya Telephone: (254) 041. 473 898

AON Kenya: Western

Aon Kenya Insurance Brokers Limited
Western Division
P.O. Box 2109

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Comments (8)

  • at
  • 04/Jul/19 02:23pm

I am a registered member but severally I have tried to update my account by adding my dependents through but the address is not found what could be the problem? please send me another email through which I can send details of my dependents i.e birth certificate online.

Type the above code here
  • at
  • 02/Nov/19 05:02am

Hi Aon family? I have already registered my son with Aon but when I took him for treatment I was forced to pay for his treatment.

Type the above code here
  • at
  • 27/Dec/19 11:46am

I have uploaded details of my daughter and son but they are not reflected as my dependents. Please update them.

  • at
  • 01/Dec/20 05:47am

Maybe you might want to update them yourself

Type the above code here
  • at
  • 29/Oct/20 04:01am

Hi,my son does not have a birth certificate and he is 1year.i registered him can he be treated ?

  • at
  • 01/Dec/20 05:49am

Yes, he can be treated but you might want to call them. Maybe they have updated their Terms of service.

Type the above code here
  • at
  • 07/Jan/21 12:23pm

My son had been registered but recently i took him for treatment he did not receive any service claiming. That he was not registered

Type the above code here
  • at
  • 10/Apr/21 04:53pm

My correct email is : please update it in order for me to reset my password and to update my dependance.Thank you.

Type the above code here
  • at
  • 26/Apr/21 05:10pm

Please update my spouse document, have tried to access medical treatment with no access ,have opted to pay cash which expensive, please communicate

Type the above code here
  • at
  • 18/May/22 05:44pm

How and where do l appload my daugters college ld so that she can be re registered?

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