15 Best Home Care Nursing Providers In Kenya

Home Care Nursing are a wide range of nursing or personal care service provided by nurses, therapists, or social workers to a home-bound terminally ill individual with challenges of convalescing or inability to manage their life because of health conditions.

It's an alternative to hospital or institutionalized care. Before we dive into the 15 best home care nursing providers in Kenya, it's important to understand the wholesome benefits that come with this kind of service.

Home Care Nursing in Kenya has several benefits including giving the terminally ill individual greater independence when they don't want their kin to see them struggling because they don't want to lose their independence, family members get relief from constantly taking care of the patient, home care nursing reduces expenses and trips to the hospital, saving money, and the patient is exposed to professional help.

Taking care of a terminally ill patient at home can be tedious, tiresome, and stressful. It is important to see home care services to get relief and give the patient-professional care. This article highlights the 20 best home care nursing providers who you can contact in case you need their services. 


  1. GoCare Health Solutions Limited Home Nursing Care

    GoCare Health Solutions Limited provides professional home care nursing services through their trained caregivers, nurses, social workers, and therapists. They offer extensive home care services enabling the elderly to regain their independence and restore their dignity.

    Location: Unipen Flats, 1st Floor, Argwings Kodhek Road, Hurlingham

    Contacts: 0703 115 502, 0708 375 001

  2. Zoya Homecare

    Located in 3rd Parkland Avenue Doctors Park, Zoya Home care focuses on improving health care outside the hospital setting. They offer extensive services such as home care, out of duty care, physical therapy, nursing care, and offering equipment home care services. They also offer Home based care using the thermal Machine and therapy using the Korean machine and therapy that revives the nerves.

    Contact: 0793 334 455

    Email: info@zoyahomecare.com

  3. Bena Care Limited

Located iat Runda Drive, Nairobi, Bena Care Limited offers compassionate and top-notch home care nursing services primarily to the eldery or senior patients with life threatening or limiting illness. They also offer home care to the disabled from the comfort of their homes through trained nurses, therapists and social workers.

Contact: 0701 114 433

Email: info@benacare.or.ke


4. Helping Hands Home Care

Located in Nairobi city, Helping Hands Home care offers quality and cost-effective medical and health services to elderly, terminally ill, sick and disabled persons. They take pride as Kenya's home healthcare experts.

Contact: 0708 375001

Email: gocarekenya@gmail.com


5. HomeReach HomeCare Services

They offer holistic medical attention and community-based care at home to help patients overcome health challenges through rehabilitation services. They are located in Hurlingham and can get hold of them through:

Contact: 0717 338 822


6. Kenya Dexters Homecare

They provide quality and cost-effective home-based care, occupational therapy and physiotherapy services.

Contact: 0724 235 532 or 0786 242 477


7. Avenue Homecare

Formely known as Avenue Home Nursing have rebraned and included several services such as medical equipment and recovery services as well as home care nursing to terminally ill, elderly, substance abuse, and post-surgery patients.

Contacts: 0711 060 000, 0732 175 000

Email: admin@avenuehealthcare.com


8. Kenya Home Nursing Care

The nursing home offers home-based care services to seniors, children and the disabled. They offer nursing and physiotherapy for people with Alzheimer's and dementia, adults.

Contact: 0757 211 608


9. On-Call Home Care Services Nairobi, Kenya

As their name suggests, they offer home care services ranging from consultation, nursing, medical equipment testing at home. They offer kind and compassionate services to terminally ill patients and any home care service possible.

Phone: 0727 889530

Email: oncallhomecare.co.ke

10. Ujuzi Fursa Africa-Senior Caregiver

They are offering home care services in various parts of the country. They train nurses and offer them skills to become home care professionals.

Phone: 0724 279197


11. Neti Home Nursing Care Services

It is a registered entity with a mandate of providing quality nursing care services to patients, at the comfort of their homes.

Location: Kisumu

Contact: 0799 946 362


12. Vigen Medical Services

Vigen medical offers comprehensive and professional home-based medical care to terminally ill patients, the elderly, children and the disabled. They offer therapy, nursing, and medical care at home.

Location: Kilimani, Nairobi

Contact: 0722 637 158


13. SC-Life Care

SC-Life Care, is a full service home care giving programme. It offers full-range medical services such as nursing, doctors, therapists, and laboratory services for the terminally ill patients, eldery, and other home medical and non-medical assistance.

They are located at Mkoma Road, Nairobi

Phone: +25470365303


14. The Pinnacle Home Health Services

They offer individualized home care services that meet the patient needs. Their home care services include ambulance services, physical therapies, Nursing care; Palliative & respite care; Post stroke care; terminally ill patients, and elderly.

Contact: 0704 100131

Location, Kindaruma road, Nairobi

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