Arya Panama: World’s Heaviest 10 year old Child Losses 100kg

In his official facebook page, Arya Panama: world heaviest child posted after the successive surgery and exercise. In his post, he said 

"All the best requires processes, struggles, and willingness from our own hearts."


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Back in 2016, a viral video on facebook shocked many people around the world as the child was struggling with weight of about 192kgs. Coming from the surbubs of Karawang,  West Java, Indonesia; Arya Panama a 10 year old while in an interview at their home, he said all that he wishes to have is "reduced body size that will enable me to walk easily and play withmy friends." He actually weighed 6 times more weight as compared to a 10 year old counterparts. 
Panama was eating 5 meals a day with 2 large plates within every meal. His father who is always close to him at home says that, " while 5 years, Panama started growing adding weight uncontrollably. Yes! I might say that I spoiled him for choice. But you know parents must love their children. But I think I spoiled him too much that made him overweight."
However today, after 3 years after successive gastric surgery Panama is healthier and happier than ever, after losing over 100kg in weight! We have been up and down and trying various ways to manage his weight problem and thanks to Allah for gastric bypass surgery and diet plan that has worked for our son," say Panama's father. 
The Omni Hospital Alam Sutera hospital has really helped us for Panama to be where is today. And npw his weight is around 86 kgs. 
"The kinds of food like Instant noodles, sugar, sweet drinks, oily food have been greatly removed from my diet," Panama Says.
His father adds that, "At first, Panama was very angry with that decision not to eat soem foods since he loved eating foods such as instant noodles but now after the gastric bypass surgery if he eats alot he will definately vomit." 
Before the surgey, we did a food programme for about 8 months. In one month, he would loose 3 kg and next boom! he gains or adds weight. However, a few months after the surgery, we saw the big results and everyone was happy. He actually lost 100kgs and that's the difference between surgery and diet."
At first, we really did not want Panama to undergo surgery but after so many consultations and family talks, we arrived at a concensus that its okay and for the best of Panama to undergo the surgery. However, this was after the doctor showed as the video of how big or small the surgery incision would be and the whole procedure and further shwoing us the equipments that would be used. He told us that they will only open him 1cm." The father adds.
Back in 2016, Panama was homeschooled owing to the fact that he would not walk longer than 5 meters before he became fatigued and too tired to even lift his feet. But now due to his tremendous weight loss, Panama is able to walk to a local school and play with his school mates such as playing badminto and soccer. 

What are Your Future Goals

When asked about his future goals, Panama quickly responds that he want to become a footballer. 

He also adds, I am willing and the doctor said is willing to do another surgery to tighten the skin.




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Date published: 22/09/2017
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