FEES STRUCTURE  FOR Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences 2022/2023 – THIKA  CAMPUS

Posted on 2nd Feb 2023 09:36:31 in Education

Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences is an institution of higher learning located in Thika, Kenya. The school was established in 2004 with the aim o

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KMTC Entry Requirements for all Courses

Posted on 25th Jan 2023 04:52:21 in Education

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is a public institution offering health sciences courses in Kenya. The college offers certificate, diploma, higher

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Posted on 20th Jan 2023 10:21:40 in Education

1. Kapsabet Boys...10.762. Kenya High....10.743. Alliance Boys...10.6944. Kabarak High... 10.645. Moi Girls Eldoret 10.536. Alliance Girls... 10.527. St. B

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Disadvantages, Problems & Weaknesses of Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Posted on 24th Oct 2022 07:53:30 in Insurance, Education

Health Care affordable care act Affordable Care Act is among the popular insurance option in the healthcare insurance market. Primarily, ACA increase

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History, Leadership, and Branches of Atlantic General Hospital Community and Global Impact

Posted on 24th Oct 2022 07:39:22 in Hospital, Education

Atlantic General Hospital Introduction In this article, you will find information about the history, leadership, and branches of Atlantic General Hospita

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When Does Involuntary Admission of Mentally Challenged Person Occur?

Posted on 24th Oct 2022 07:31:03 in Education, Health

This question is asked several times by those people considering involuntary admission of mentally challenged kin or individuals forcefully. In other words

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When Does Voluntary Admission of Mentally Challenged Person Occur

Posted on 24th Oct 2022 07:21:16 in Health, Education

Voluntary admission of a mentally challenged person can occur when authorized medical personnel approves that a patient should be voluntarily admitted to a

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