Fees Structure for Diploma in Nursing at Sister Leonella Consolata Medical College

The total cost of studying for a Diploma in Nursing at Sister Leonella Consolata Medical College is approximately Ksh. 450,000 for the entire course (3 years). The fees is paid per term for the trimester so it can cost about Kshs 45,000 per term

The fees are payable in installments throughout the course of the study. The college also offers scholarships and financial aid to students who qualify.

The fees are the same as its sister medical colleges such as Consolata Nkubu School of Nursing Fees Structure

Entry Requirements for Diploma in Nursing at Consolata medical college

  • Mean Grade    C Plain and Above

Cluster Subjects

  • Biology: C (Plain) and above
  • English or Kiswahili: C (Plain) and above
  • Mathematics or Physics or Chemistry: C- (Minus) and above

Examination Body    Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK)


1st Year Fees Structure 

Medical examination                             2,000/=

Tuition,boarding                                     165,500/=

Uniform accessories                               2,000/=

Students allowances                               6,000/=

NCK indexing fees                                   5,000/=

Internet services                                      4,050/=

Total                                                      182,550/=

2nd Year Fees structure 

Tuition, boarding                                        125,000/=

Students allowance                                    6,000/=

Internet services                                         4,050/=

Total                                                          135,550/=

3rd Year Fees Structure 

Tuition, boarding                                         90,500/=

Students allowances                                     6,000/=

Internet services                                          4,050/=

Graduation                                                    2,000/=

Total                                                           102,550/=

The college fees for a diploma in nursing at Consolata are subject to change similar to other courses.


N/B: Sister Leonella Consolata Medical College also offers bridging courses in KNEC Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. If you did not attain the required entry grade for any subject in KCSE, you can reach them at Phone: +254724303431 and discuss your concerns.

Sister Leonella Consolata Medical College is approved and accredited by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC), TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training), and the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK).

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I need a vacance for March intake for my daughter

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Hi, I would like my daughter and who has the above qualifications to attend your nursing school from March 2024....How can she apply? Kindly assist

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