CT Scan cost in Kenya 2024-2025

Cost of CT Scan in various Kenyan counties. The table below shows a list of CT Scan costs in Kenya 2024-2025






CT Scan Cost Range (Kenyan Shilling)


6,000 – 8,500 KES


5,000 – 8,500 KES


5,000 – 8,000 KES


5,000 – 8,000 KES


6,000 – 9,000 KES


6,000 – 8,100 KES


6,500 – 9000 KES


6,000 – 8,500 KES


5,000 – 8,500 KES


6,000 – 9,000 KES


Types of CT Scans and Cost of CT Scan Tests in Kenya Hospitals


  1. Head CT (Brain):
    • Purpose: Evaluating brain injuries, tumors, or neurological conditions.
    • Cost Range: KES 6,000-9,000
  2. Chest CT:
    • Purpose: Used for examining the lungs, heart, and surrounding structures.
    • Cost Range: KES 5,000-9,000


  1. Abdominal CT:
    • Purpose: Used for assessing the abdominal organs like the liver, kidneys, and intestines.
    • Abdominal CT scan cost Range: KES 7,000-14,000
  2. Pelvic CT:
    • Purpose: Evaluating pelvic organs, including reproductive organs.
    • Pelvic CT scan costs: KES 6,000-14,000
  3. Spinal CT:
    • Purpose: Examining the spine for fractures, tumors, or disc issues.
    • Spinal CT scan cost: KES 10,500


  1. Sinus CT:
    • Purpose: Diagnose sinus infections, blockages, or structural issues.
    • Sinus CT scan test cost ranges from KES 4,000-9,500
  2. Temporal Bone CT:
    • Purpose: Assessing the ear and surrounding structures for issues like hearing loss.
    • Temporal bone CT scan cost: KES 7,000-10,500
  3. Neck CT scan:
    • Purpose: Examining structures like lymph nodes, thyroid, and blood vessels.
    • Neck CT scan cost ranges from Cost Range: KES 5,000-9,000


  1. Angiography CT:
    • Purpose: For visualizing blood vessels for conditions like aneurysms.
    • Angiography pulmonary CT scan cost range: KES 9,000-15,000
  2. Cardiac CT:
    • Purpose: For evaluating heart structure and blood flow.
    • Cardiac CT scan test costs: Cost Range: KES 7,000-11,000
  3. Chest CT scan (High-Resolution):
    • Purpose: For detailed imaging of lung tissue for conditions like fibrosis.
    • Chest CT scan test (High resolution) costs: KES 10,500
  4. Abdominal Angiography CT:
    • Purpose: For visualizing blood vessels in the abdomen.
    • Abdominal Angiography CT scan cost: KES 7,000-14,000


  1. Virtual Colonoscopy:
    • Purpose: Screening for colon polyps and cancers.
    • Virtual colonoscopy cost ranges: KES 9,000-16,000
  2. Musculoskeletal CT:
    • Purpose: For assessing bones and joints for fractures or arthritis.
    • Cost of Musculoskeletal CT scan: KES 5,000-80000
  3. Dental CT (Cone Beam):
    • Purpose: For detailed imaging for dental and maxillofacial conditions.
    • Dental CT scan test costs: KES 6,000-8,000
  4. Urography CT:
    • Purpose: For visualizing urinary tract structures.
    • Urography CT scan test cost: KES 7,000-14,000


  1. Adrenal Gland CT:
    • Purpose: For assessing the adrenal glands for tumors or abnormalities.
    • Adrenal Gland CT scan test cost: KES Cost Range: KES 7,000-20,000
  2. Whole-Body CT:
    • Purpose: For comprehensive imaging of various body structures.
    • Whole Body CT scan test- cost: KES 15,000-KES 30,0000
  3. Joint CT (e.g., Knee CT):
    • Purpose: For evaluating joints for injuries or degenerative conditions.
    • Joint/Knee CT scan test cost: KES 6,000-9,000
  4. Temporal Artery CT:
    • Purpose: blood vessels in the temples for conditions like vasculitis.
    • Temporal Artery CT scan test: Cost Range: KES 7,000-10,000



  1. Paranasal Sinus CT:
    • Purpose: For focusing on sinus structures for detailed imaging.
    • Paranasal Sinus CT scan cost: KES 5,000-8,000
  2. Myelography CT:
    • Purpose: Visualizing the spinal cord and nerve roots.
    • Myelography CT scan test cost: KES 6,000-8,500
  3. Cervical Spine CT:
    • Purpose: For detailed imaging of the cervical spine.
    • Cervical Spine CT scan cost: KES 7,500-9,000
  4. Thoracic Spine CT:
    • Purpose: For detailed imaging of the thoracic spine.
    • Thoracic spine CT scan cost: KES 5,500-9,000



  1. Lumbar Spine CT:
    • Purpose: For detailed imaging of the lumbar spine.
    • Lumbar Spine CT test cost: KES 7,000-9,000
  2. Brachial Plexus CT:
    • Purpose: To visualize the network of nerves in the shoulder.
    • Brachial Plexus CT scan cost: KES 7,000-10,000
  3. Facial Bone CT:
    • Purpose: For detailed imaging of facial bones.
    • Facial Bone CT scan test: KES 8,000-10,000



  1. Soft Tissue Neck CT:
    • Purpose: Assessing the soft tissues in the neck for abnormalities.
    • Soft tissue Neck CT scan cost: KES 6,000-9,000
  2. Upper Extremity CT (e.g., Hand CT):
    • Purpose: Evaluating bones and joints
    • Hand CT scan test costs KES 6,000-9,000



  1. Aortic/ Thoracic Angio
  • To determine the size of the aorta and to assess other problems with the blood vessels in the chest.
  • The cost of an Aortic/Thoracic Angio CT scan is KES 15,000-22,000


Additional information about the Cost of CT Scan Cost in Kenya

The cost of a CT scan test ranges from KES 6,000 to KES 15,000 depending on the body part being scanned and the medical facility. Government hospitals charge less than private medical facilities. For example, a CT Scan of the head (brain) costs KES 6,000 at Kenyatta National Hospital while the same costs KES 9,000 at a private diagnostic facility in Thika.


However, you can use NHIF for the CT scan but must be pre-approved by NHIF for private facilities. Pre-approval means you must fill out a form for the CT scan test and your NHIF details and the medical facility sends it to NHIF. You can proceed to have the test done after NHIF approves the CT scan test request.

The table below gives a summary of CT scan tests for various body parts and their prices (KES) in Nairobi and other cities and towns in the country). The CT scan prices may vary slightly depending on the hospital or health insurance company.

CT scan procedure

Costs in KSH

CT scan of abdomen and pelvis


Head CT Scan


Chest CT scan with contrast


CT scan paranasal sinuses


Cervical spine CT scan


CT scan KUB 




HRCT temporal bone


CT scan extremities


CT scan of lumbar spine


CT scan of facial bones 


CT scan of the neck, the base of the skull, and the neck


CT scan orbits


CT scan of postnasal space


CT scan pulmonary angiography


CT scan shoulder


CT scan of thoracic spine


CT scan urography (with contrast)


CT unilateral femoral arteriogram


Four-vessel cerebral angiogram


Bilateral carotid angiogram




Regional selective arteriogram


Bilateral CT femoral arteriogram




German Hospital offers CT SCAN if you have NHIF coverage but you must have preauthorization (NHIF has to be approved before treatment). 

German Medical Center CT scan costs KES 9,000 for NHIF but paying through cash costs KES 14,000.


Kenyatta National Hospital CT scan costs KES 8,000-9,000

AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital CT Scan costs KES 11,000-12,000

Nakuru Provincial General Hospital CT scan cost KES 6,000-7,000.


Nakuru War Memorial Hospital charges KES 9,000-10,000 for CT Scan

CT scan at Thika Mutunga Diagnostics costs KES 9,000-10,500 but can be paid through NHIF if not urgent within 48 hours after seeking pre-approval from NHIF.

Nazareth Hospital CT scan costs KES 9,000 


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