History, Leadership, and Branches of Atlantic General Hospital Community and Global Impact

Atlantic General Hospital


In this article, you will find information about the history, leadership, and branches of Atlantic General Hospital Community and its Global Impact. I will be researching the Atlantic General Hospital analyzing various facets and providing a detailed picture of this organization. I chose to study this healthcare organization because I have family from the Maryland area and I would love to know more about this healthcare organization there. One day after retirement I do plan to relocate somewhere other than my hometown, Georgia so who knows this could be a hospital I could maybe seek employment with.

The Atlanta General Hospital opened its doors to the community of Worcester County residents on 21 May 1993 for the first time, with appreciation from the state, the county, and community leaders for donating millions of dollars and community fundraisers to help get the hospital up and running. This Hospital started off with 62 beds and a small emergency department, but today it has expanded tremendously and accommodates more than 117,000 patients and a restorative staff of more than 190 suppliers. The AGH in 1995 started with three primary caregivers. It then enlarged to include thirty and more providers in the following places: Ocean City, Ocean View, West Ocean, Berlin, Ocean Pines, and Pocomoke. It offered primary care, gynecological services, imaging services, and Pediatrics.


In the year 2003-2004, The Atlantic General Hospital grew, having a large emergency unit of 19 beds and a quick track area to cater the less injured patient. The other started departments are as follows: A diagnostic disorder affecting sleep, space for pulmonary medicine, the hospital’s administration, the laboratory for the outpatients and lastly the imaging department.

In the year 2004-2005, existing clinic space is reclassified to make the Center for Joint Surgery and the Women's Diagnostic Center, a division devoted exclusively to ladies' well-being symptomatic administrations including mammograms, bone thickness estimations, and negligibly intrusive bosom biopsies.

In 2008, the James G. Barrett Medical Office Building on Health way drive was officially opened. The unpredictable houses benefit now to AG and the zone, a wound care clinic and office for the outpatient diabetes education program, and the committed Atlantic endoscopy clinic. The joined medicinal office, and retail space additionally incorporate Atlantic General Surgical Associates and a ladies' wellbeing focus, Chesapeake eye center, a coffee beanery, and neurological associates.

Today, Atlantic General Hospital suits 117000 and more patient visits every year having a medicinal staff of about190 suppliers. The administration has set key arrangements for the following periods of patients’ care oncology, urology, endocrinology, preventive well-being, and health schedules, and also new machines and information technology activities that keep on improving the general strength of inhabitants and guests of Worcester County and the encompassing regions.

Facility Physical Setting

The Atlantic General Hospital is not for profit; the community-focused organization that has 56 acute general beds, a 62-bed acute care facility, and six critical care beds providing care to over 58000 residents and visitors of the community each year. The AGH provides over 20 services to their surrounding community to name a few they are behavioral health services, cancer care, dermatology services, emergency room, radiology, intensive care unit, pain center, pulmonary, and urology along with several others.

Client Base and patient structure

Atlantic General Hospital and Health System is focused on giving patients and customers the most unique nature of care and superb customer service. The hospital urges patients and clients to voice any worries or remarks they have about their assistance.

Level of Clinical Activity and Research

Levels of clinical activity are increased in Atlantic General Hospital by the administration supporting nurses with the continuation of their education. Through tuition reimbursement programs and associate compensation, nurses are inspired to pursue degrees and areas of specialization. New nurses are assigned a person to guide them as well as a teacher to see their orientation as a success. Consequently, new hires have the chance to meet with the greater part of our nursing pioneers, making ready for bi-directional correspondence and persistent criticism from those nearest to the point of care, our real pioneers at the bedside. At Atlantic General Hospital, nurture at all levels of experience is devoted to individuals from a social insurance group focused on giving better care than our patients, their families, and the group.

AGH/HS welcomes all researchers, to take part in a motivator program that rewards the individuals who make progress toward greatness through proceeding with training, claims to fame accreditations, and cooperation in shared authority, examination ventures, and group exercises. This dedication additionally reaches out to creating organizations with scholarly establishments for the diminished educational cost for those partners who wish to seek cutting-edge degrees.

AGH/HS values and engages partners who show the significance and estimation of cooperation and the quest for perfection. These endeavors convert into fulfilled partners, positive clinical results and a general remarkable doctor's facility encounter for patients and their families. So encounter our group of parental figures at Atlantic General. The distinction is our devoted responsibility.

Atlantic General Hospital gives an astounding chance to clinical medical caretakers to work with the initiative at all levels to enhance practice and impact workplaces, to develop by and by and professionally, and to interface with partners over the association. The effect of shared authority goes long way past the particular ventures and activities created and executed by committee individuals. As chosen agents of their companions, shared power chamber people are every now and again made a request to serve in a counseling part to address the effect of association-wide activities.

Mission, Vision, and Goals

At the AGH the staff is focused on putting the care of the majority of all patients and the group first the mission is to make a planned care conveyance framework that will give access to quality care, customized administration, and training to enhance individual and group well-being. They achieve their central goal consistently by putting the well-being of the patients to begin with, being responsible for their monetary assets, trusting and regarding each other, having uprightness, genuineness, and pride, proceeding with instruction, driving to the requirements of the group, and continually honing cooperation and correspondence. The AGH's vision is to be the pioneer in nurturing individuals and propelling the well-being of the inhabitants and guests of their group (Atlantic General Hospital, 2017).

Community and global impact

Free flu vaccines

The hospital gives flu centers to region occupants during flu season each year which is at all times free, this period is usually from October to March. Flu is destructive, it contributes to around 200000 Americans being hospitalized each year. Every year, 36000 individuals kick the bucket from the infection in the US. Apparently, amid the flu season in the year 2011 to 2012, Atlantic General Hospital and the health system gave over $90000 in terms of immunization to 43000 people and more amid their free flu centers to decrease the circulation of the infection in our group.

High blood pressure clinics

Atlantic General gives free hypertension and data on high blood pressure at drug stores all through the range every month. Through these, they have roughly 350 to 400 experiences with the group every year. The facilities are an incredible asset to the team. People have frequently alluded to their doctors therefore of the screenings, and a few doctors ask for their patients gone to the centers to screen their circulatory strain between office visits.

School visits

Atlantic General Hospital has been visited by more than 400 students in schools and pre-k classes from seven of the group's grade institutions. These visits stretch a significance of hand cleanliness and other preventive well-being evaluation. Maybe imperatively more, indicating to youngsters that the clinic is not unnerving, but rather a recuperating place where they can come to seek help in case they feel unwell.

Annual Health Fair

Atlantic General Hospital directs a yearly "Sound Happenings" reasonable for the inhabitants and guests of the eastern shores. It started the well-being fair in the year 1999 to encounter the absolute requirement for proceeding with well-being instruction in the district that has got rates that are high of high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular illness, and sickness of numerous types.

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