Hospital and Prices of X-ray Services in Kenya

In 2016, the government standardized all imaging, ultrasound, x-ray, and other scannings such as MRI and CT scans. But what is the price of x-ray service in Kenya?

Ordinary X-rays on a hand, wrist, arm, foot, ankle, knee, hip or leg cost Kshs 1,200-3,000  depending on the part of the body.

The list below gives you clinics and hospitals offering X-ray services and its price or costs


Find X-ray services in Kenya. Get all the details you need to know about X-Ray Services here below

1. By Choice Agencies Ltd, 2B, Wallmart Centre, 2nd Flr, Taveta Rd
    Tel: +254-203315400 Mobile: 0710662182
     The cost of X-ray at By Choice Agencies ranges from KES 1,200-3,500
2. Bahari X-ray Centre Ltd, Mombasa Trade Centre, Gr Flr, Nkrumah Rd
    Mobile: 0789672177
    The cost of an X-ray at Bahari X-ray Centre Ltd ranges from KES 1,000-3,500
3. Afya Centre X-Ray Services Ltd, Afya Centre, Mezz 2 Flr, Tom Mboya St
     Tel: +254-202242663 Mobile: 0720223943
      The cost of an X-ray at Afya Centre X-Ray Services Ltd Centre Ltd ranges from KES 1,200-5,500 depending on the body part you want x ray imaging.
4. Abdulaziz Mohamed, Motor Mart Bldg, 1st Flr, Moi Ave

5. Bahari X-ray Centre Ltd, Mombasa Trade Centre, Gr, Nkrumah Rd, Mombasa
    Tel: +254-412225590 More Lines: +254-412220595
    The cost of an X-ray at Bahari X-ray Centre Ltd ranges from KES 1,000-2,500
6. Clintec X-ray and Ultrasound Services 
The cost of X-ray at Clintec X-ray and ultrasound services range from KES 1,100-3500
7. Bora Biotech Limited, Cooper Centre Kabete, Kaplagat Road Off Waiyaki Way

8. Buru Buru Diagnostic & X-Ray Centre, Petosam House, Mumias South Road
      020-70783195, 0722-626767
9. City X-Ray Services, Tumaini House, 3rd Floor, Moi Avenue
10. Clintec Medical Imaging Services, Crescent Medical Aid Kenya, Jamia Towers Muranga Road
      0770-300588, 0722-510660
      The cost of a medical X-ray at Clintec Medical Imaging service costs KES 1,200-5,000 depending on the body part.
11. Corner House X-Ray & Diagnostic Centre, Corner House Mezzanine 3 (M3) Kimathi/Mama Ngina Street
12. Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University of Nairobi
13. Diagnostic Imaging Clinic, Jubilee Insurance House 3rd Floor Room 315 Wabera Street
       020-2221858, 2226539
14. Eagle Eye Laser & Diagnostic Centre, 5th Avenue Building, 3rd Floor, Ngong Road
       0715-186034, 0737-385366
15. Medical Imaging Services, Hurlingham Shopping Centre, Argwings Kodhek Road

16.  Nairobi Diagnostic Service, 3rd Avenue Parklands, Jambo Plaza

17. The Nairobi Imaging Centre, NHIF Building, 2nd Floor, Suite 8
18. Nairobi Pathology and Diagnostic Centre, Afya Centre, 1st Floor, Tom Mboya Street
19. Diagnostic Centre Kenya Ltd, Muthithi Rd
      Tel: +254-203740046
20. Crater X-Ray Clinic, Belpar House, Gr Flr, Kijabe Row
      Tel: +254-512216427
21. Corner House X-Ray & Diagnostic Centre, Corner Hse, Mezz Flr, Mama Ngina St

22. Corner House X-Ray & Diagnostic Centre , Corner Hse, Mezz 3 Flr, Mama Ngina St
       Tel: +254-202247479
23. Consolidated Diagnostic Imaging Centre, Veteran Hse, 3rd Flr, Kimathi Ln
      Mobile: 0722456758
24. City X-Rays Services Ltd, Tumaini Hse, 3rd Flr, Moi Ave
      Tel: +254-202241105 Fax: +254-0202241106
25. Wonder World Imaging Centre, Mombasa Imaging Centre For MRI, 1st Flr, North Wing, Dedan Kimathi Ave
       Tel: +254-412314964 Mobile: 0733702227
26. Plaza Imaging Solutions Ltd, General Accident Hse, Gr Flr, Ralph Bunche Rd
      Tel: +254-202715231 Fax: +254-0202715231
27. Pioneer X-Ray Services, Pioneer Hse, 5th Flr, Moi Ave

28. Pioneer X-Ray & Scanning Services, Eldomart Medical Plaza, Gr Flr, Kenyatta St
       Tel: +254-532060481 Mobile: 0723828207
29. Medical Imaging And T. Centre, Nairobi Hospital, Gr Flr, Argwings Kodhek Rd
      Tel: +254-202725475
30. Ritri Medical Imaging Clinic, Alpha House
      Contact: 057-2500594
31. West Kenya Diagnostic & Imaging Centre LTD, Mega City Building, Ground Floor, Kisumu-Nairobi Road

32. Nanyuki Diagnostic Centre, Hospital Road, Opposite Nyakio Building
      0710-720692 Fax: 062-2032925
33. Machakos Imaging X-Ray Centre, Machakos Town
      Contact: 044-21246
34. Siami Health Care Limited, Susu Centre Ground Floor, Room 2 Machakos – Kitui Road
      Contact: 0704-849377, 0788-704084
35. lmenti X-Ray Services, Tom Mboya Street
      contact: 0733-274740, 0733-257261
36. Meru Medical Diagnostic Imaging Centre, Teachers House
      Contact: 064-30530
37. Meru X-Ray Services, Njiru Ncheke Street
       0733-962596, 0733-979168
38. Bahari X-Ray Centre Ltd, (Ambalal House) Mombasa Trade Centre Ground Floor Nkrumah Road
      041-2225590, 2220595
39. Coast X-Ray Centre, NSSF Building 1st Floor North Wing Nkrumah Road
40. Jamu Imaging Centre, GPO Building (Posta) 2nd Floor Door No.204&207
      41-2224852 0724-285229
41. New X-Ray Centre, Motor Mart Building 1st Floor Room No.34/39 Opp. Safaricom Customer Care (Kilindini Road)

42. Crater X-Ray Clinic, Belpar House, Kijabe Road
      contact:  051-2216427
43. Ranalo Medical Imaging Centre, Gate House, Mburu Gichua Road
44. Nyeri Health Care Services Ltd, Mumo Building
      contact: 061-2030097
45. Eldoret Medical Diagnostics & X-Ray Centre, Bhogal House, 1st Floor, Uganda Road
      contact: 053-33527
46. Medical Imaging Services, Nairobi
      contact: 020 268 7013
47. Diagnostic Centre Kenya Ltd, Muthithi Road. Nairobi
      contact: 0203740046
48. Labnostix Medical Laboratory, Bungoma
     contact: 055-30164
49. Garissa Ultra Sound Centre, Garissa
      contact: 0722-506300, 0723-283771
  1. Diagnostic Imaging Clinic, Thika
        contact: 067-31444/5


  1. Diagnostic Imaging Centres, Kiambu Medical Diagnostic Laboratories Biana House 1st Floor Room 6


  1. Kisii Medical Diagnostic & Imaging Clinic, St. Judes Complex, Ground Floor
    058-31578, 520117, 0733-572431


  1. Kisumu Diagnostic Centre Ltd, Angawa Avenue, Behind A-Z Pharmacy Ltd


  1. Plaza X-Ray Services, Reinsurance Plaza 1st Floor Aga Khan Walk
    020-340239, 226463, 213377


  1. Plaza X-Ray Services, Reinsurance Plaza 1st Floor Aga Khan Walk
    020-340239, 226463, 213377


  1. Prime Diagnostic Centre, KMA Centre, Opposite Visa Place Mara Road, Upper Hill


  1. Sunshine Medical Diagnostic Centre, Showbe Plaza, Gate D, 2nd Floor Off Murang’a Road, Pangani
    020-3520286, 3520289


  1. Unique Imaging Service, Electricity House, 3rd Floor Harambee Avenue,


  1. Upper Hill Radiology Centre, 5th Avenue Office Suites, 3rd Floor Suite 9 5th Ngong Avenue,
    020 2712229


  1. Corner House X-Ray and Diagnostic Centre, Nairobi


  1. City X-Rays Services Ltd, Nairobi


  1. Afya Centre X-Ray Services Ltd, Nairobi


  1. Salyani Dr, Abdulaziz Mohamed, Mombasa


  1. Baharini X-Ray Centre Ltd, Mombasa


  1. Plaza X-Ray Services, Nairobi


  1. Nairobi X-Ray Centre, Nairobi


  1. Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Centre Ltd, Nairobi


  1. Diagnostic Centre Kenya Ltd, Nairobi


  1. Diagnostic Centre kenya ltd, Nakuru
    051-2210870 / 2210966


  1. City X-Rays Services Ltd, Moi Avenue. Nairobi


  1. Afya Centre X-Ray Services Ltd, Tom Mboya Street. Nairobi


  1. Meru X-Ray Services, Meru


  1. Embu X-Ray Services, Embu


  1. Crater X-Ray Clinic, Nakuru


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