Last time we saw how to save Khs 330/- from Cerelac..

While you always thought the bigger you buy the cheaper it is. With pampers it's opposite. πŸ˜’

Today I got shocked on how easily I could save kshs 400/- with pampers pant no. 5 !!!

The small pack of 8 = 200
the bigger pack of 26=1000
And the biggest pack of 52 = 1750

If you buy 3 small ones 
3x8 = 24 pcs @ 200x3=600 you save 400/- (although you get 2less which ain't a problem?)

And when u buy 6 packs of 200 you get 48 pcs of diapers at sh. 1200. 
While the biggest one costs 1750 with 52 diapers... The difference of 4 diapers saves you 550/-

After long research, I felt its sincere to share this information so that someone can take up the advice and save a few coins πŸ˜’ πŸ˜’.

If you have any information regarding this article or other articles and how it can help our mothers you can contact us

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Date published: 22/09/2017
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