List of 15 Best Private Hospitals in Machakos County

Below is an updated list of 15 best private hospitals in Machakos county.  Machakos county borders Nairobi county (Capital city) and Makueni county on both sides of the border. It boasts of several private hospitals offering high-quality medical care around the Eastern region. In no particular order, we have compiled the list of good private hospitals in Machakos county to help you make a decision when you need their services. 

1. Shalom Group of Hospitals

The Shalom group of hospitals Machakos is a fully registered hospital offering medical care since 1998. Since its inception, Shalom hospital has been offering, quality, and affordable health care in Machakos County.

It started as a nursing home and currently expanded to a big private hospital with various branches. It is fully accredited by the National Health Insurance Fund(NHIF).

It offers dental and optical services, laboratory examinations, radiology, pathology, family planning, and funeral services.

Location: Athi River

Contacts: +254 723 951 761


2. Bristol Park Hospital

Bristol Park Hospital Machakos offers various consultation, treatment, and diagnostic services. Their services include dental care, laboratory, pharmacy, maternity, and theatre services.

Location: Sartaj Shopping Mall, Along Kangundo Road, Opposite Susu Centre

Contacts: 0752 178 014


3. Baspen Syokimau Cottage Hospital

It is ranked as level 4 hospital and regulated by MKPDU. They offer various services such as Home-based care (with prior arrangement). Bespen Hospital is NHIF accredited meaning it accepts NHIF cards for treating patients. Their visiting hours are 8:00 Am to 9:00 Am and 6:00 Pm to 7:00 Pm Every day. It also offers laboratory services, gynecology, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, and diagnostic imaging.

Location: Syokimau

Contacts: +254 726 899 591


4. Bishop Kioko Catholic Hospital

Bishop Kioko Catholic Hospital is NHIF accredited and offers 24hrs services to their customers. Some of their services include; VCT, laboratory, maternity, Nutrition clinics, counseling, dental, eye, renal and Xray, and CT scan.

Location: Along Machakos-Konza Road

Contacts: 0721 179 359


5. New Ngei Road Maternity & Nursing Home

New Ngei Nursing home is located in the heart of Machakos town. It is NHIF approved and patients can receive treatment with their NHIF cards.

Contacts: 0733 796 773


6. Bliss Machakos Medical Centre

Bliss Machakos Medical Centre Machakos offers dental services, optical, ultrasound, pharmacy, general medical consultations, and X-ray services.

Location: Mutungoni Plaza, Opposite Mosque, Machakos Town

Contacts: +254 780 100 915


7. Agha Khan University Hospital- Machakos Centre

It offers a great customer service experience throughout their various treatment sections. The doctors and nurses experience here cannot is iconic and everything seems well planned.

Location: Syokimau Road, Shanbad House

Contacts: +254 444 21389


The article below we have compiled for you a list of 

NHIF Accredited or Approved Outpatient Hospitals in Machakos County


8. Mariakani Cottage Hospital- Mlolongo

It offers dental services, pharmacy, physiotherapy, X-ray, ambulance services, maternity, and counseling services.

Location: 3Ds HOTEL, new weighbridge Mlolongo Town

Contacts: 0720 521 159


9. Machakos Imaging Centre

Machakos Imaging Centre offers specialized medical care services in areas such as digital X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, mammography, endoscopy, biopsy, MRI, and echocardiography.

It is located at Machakos Doctor’s Plaza, Along Machakos-Wote Road

Contacts: 0721 686 188/ 0731 492 991


10. Syokimau Medical Center

Syokimau Health center offers a wide array of medical services such as  dentistry, laboratory, and pharmacy, 24hrs emergency services, gynecological services, pediatrics, internal Medicine

Located off Mombasa Road along Katani Road, Twins shopping center.

Contact: 0728 727825

Working Hours: 24 hrs.



This hospital is approved by NHIF under code 66621590 and offers various services such as laboratory, pharmacy, consultation, and other forms of treatment. 

Address: Tala
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: 0733 472201



12. St Mark Medical Clinic (Kangundo)

It is private registered healthcare with good treatment and qualified yet kind doctors are kind and qualified. Offer pharmacy services, consultation, and laboratory services.
It also offers maternity and pediatrics services.

Address: Matungulu, Machakos Kenya, Tala, Machakos


13. Kisukioni Medical Clinic

This is a level 2 registered clinic operating under KMPDU. It offers laboratory, pharmacy, and other consultation services. 

Location: Matungulu, Machakos Kenya, Matungulu West, Machakos


14. Kyeleni Health Centre


Located in Tala offering laboratory, consultation, pharmacy, and other related medical services.


15. Bahati Hospital - Tala Medical Centre



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