Major Effects of Yoga on Body and Soul

Yoga is a modest process of temporarily reversing the normal flow of energy and cognisance so that the mind becomes the dynamic point of direct perception; no longer dependent on the mortal but capable of experiencing certainty. Unlike other systems of physical and psychological discipline, yoga takes the mantle both in fitness and meditative practices. The practice originated from India centuries ago and took the world by storm, mainly by the Buddhism and Hinduism religions.  However, in the latter, Yoga refers to an orthodox school of philosophy (Akhtar, Yardi & Akhtar, 2013). Currently, yoga is practised in homes, studio and institutions yet most of the trainees are not well versed with its effects. Hence, this paper will deliberate on the impact of yoga on the body and soul.


First, unlike most practices, yoga exercises help protect the spine. The spinal disks which are well known as shock absorbers of the body can herniate as well as compress the nerve.

The backbone is the center stage of body flexibility, and wellness and yoga come handy to enhance its structural stability guaranteeing full-body fitness.

For beginners, the exercise might sound straining, but with good practice of the art, one can master in twists, backend, and bends. These exercises help in the development and strengthening of the ligaments and tendons which are the attachments of muscles and bones in the body. Also, the yoga aids in keeping the disks supple (Durganand Saraswati, 2011).



Secondly, yoga helps in regulation of adrenal glands. For example, the cortisol hormone level is significantly lowered by yoga exercises.

Unlike other practices which only open up the blood vessels, the yoga exercise unclogs the fats deposited in the arteries enhancing seamless blood flow circulation of fluids within the body.  Ordinarily, the body hormones link the body and the soul. The endorphins, serotonin and dopamine hormones are responsible for happiness.

For instance, dopamine is released progressively with light jumping exercise which leads to more alertness and concentration. This release makes an individual’s mind, and soul relaxed (Akhtar, Yardi & Akhtar, 2013). Through the constant exercising, the body’s immunity is boosted providing an individual with energy to fight back infections effectively.


Contrary to the positive effects, Durganand Saraswati (2011) states that yoga as an ancient practice is associated with too many exercises and techniques which, most of the time; require a skilled trainer for guidance on the risky poses. For example, the twinning neck and head exercise which is meant to excite the brain and neck veins deprives oxygen from an individual which if done untimely, can cause dizziness or even death. Also, if a trainee does not get a well-trained yoga, he or she might end up performing exercises wrongly which can result in neck aches, vertigo, wrist pains, lifetime complications, or worse lead to fatalities.

In conclusion, yoga has many positive effects as compared to its negative effects. However, how much and how long one has to practice to gain optimum body and soul is exclusively a personal decision. Besides, the undesirable effects associated with wrong exercises can be altered with the constant and dedicated practice of a couple of poses under strict skilled supervision. Finally, it’s further imperative that if an individual feels any discomfort while doing the art to stop immediately and seek help from the trainer.



Akhtar, P., Yardi, S., & Akhtar, M. (2013). Effects of yoga on functional capacity and well being. International Journal Of Yoga, 6(1), 76.

Durganand Saraswati. (2011). Speaking of curing diseases through yoga. New Delhi: Sterling Paperbacks.

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Good content. I know understand positive effects of yoga on thr body and soul

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