My Intimate story: How I overcame my erection problem

Hello, everyone. My name is John and I am a 27-year-old IT specialist. It wasn't an easy decision to share with you my particular story. But I have recently realized that more and more young men of my age face up with symptoms similar to erectile dysfunction. Most of them feel very ashamed of not being able to perform well in sex, just like I was feeling before.

Passing for Human by Liana Finck

Me last summer, only a few weeks after successfully overcoming my erectile problems forever.

Believe me, this problem has a devastating effect on self-esteem and one feels quite ashamed to share it with other. But I perfectly well know that not talking about the problem makes it even worse.

Here's how my story started. Since I was 15 I've been in dozens of relationships. They've been both long relationships and one night affairs. Never had I ever felt unable to performin the best possible way. But 3 years ago something accidentally went wrong.


In that period of my life, I moved to live in another city. Everything was great. The possibility of meeting new girls in the larger city came to me pretty well. But I had to quit the job quickly due to sudden bankruptcy of the company. It happened only 4 months after taking a loan from a bank for purchasing my apartment.

It wasn't easy to find a well-paid job. The thought of me being forced to come back to my small town sounded like a real nightmare, especially given the fact that I do not get along with my parents.

Passing for Human by Liana Finck

Me three years ago, before the erectile problems occured.

Hopefully, I found a new job 5 months later. And I finally felt calm enough to go out with a girl again. But when we went to my place, I couldn't erect at all, even though the girl was very sexy. She was a real goddess! It had never happened to me before, even in situations when I've slept with not very attractive girls. I felt very ashamed of not being able to perform. Hopefully, the girl was tolerant enough to give me a second chance a few days later. But I couldn't erect again!

In this very moment, I realized that I had a problem and started to search for information for erectile dysfunction. I read in a health journal that me not being able to erect could be due to different health issues.

I went to a doctor who told me that most mеn nowadays suffer from that problem and the only solution is taking viagra. He told me: “This is the only proven solution”. I went to the pharmacy store and bought this massively used pills. But after turning back home and reading the instructions with all those side effects, I decided that I would never put my body to such a danger.

After that moment a tried to sleep with girls several times, but unsuccessfully, still without taking viagra remembering and telling myself all those side effects. I couldn't explain to myself if the problem was a real erectile dysfunction or I was just very scared about if I would be able to perform this time. I started to think that the fear of failure makes the problem even worse.

Passing for Human by Liana Finck

It’s not a picture of mine. I just want to illustrate what was my everyday condition while trying to overcome the erectile issue. I had been watching my penis with hours before going out with a girl, hoping not to fail me again…

A few months later, feeling as upset as never before, I finally dared to share this problem with one of my best friends - Mike. He told me that he had the same problem only a few months ago, and he also felt ashamed to share his problem with any friend. While listening to him I was feeling like he told me the exact same story of mine. But he told me that he has already solved his problem. 

"Bro, I found a real cure on the internet and this thing really works" - he said, and assured me: "Your plane soars instantly after taking the tablet and it is 100% natural and harmless".

It was difficult for me to believe that this thing really worked, being influenced by what the doctor had told me. I read some detailed information that said the product was completely safe due to its 100% natural compounds.

And I said to myself: “Why not to try it? It is not expensive and it is completely natural. If it doesn’t help, at least it won’t harm, as this is mostly the case with viagra. In any case, there is no way of getting worse”. I ordered ActiPotens and It was delivered at home in a couple of days.

Before meeting a girl again, I decided to try ActiPotens on my own. I wanted to try if it really worked. Honestly, the result was really amazing, just like Mike described it to me! I erected in less than 10 minutes after drinking the pill, even though I was really very tired that day. Despite being erected, I felt very energetic as well. Never had I felt as self-confident in the previous half a year as when I tried this pills.


I went out with a girl I met in a club a week ago and I swear my performance in bed was even better than before! Honestly! Now this girls is my girlfriend and we even think of living together. I still haven't told her because I am always very careful with girls, but I think that she could be the love of my life.

Yes, ActiPotens not only helped me to solve my erectile problem, it even changed my life. It is unbelievable, but this natural thing really works. I am sure in its harmlessness (I use it regularly, though). And not having side effects makes it much, much better choice than ordinary medications.

Passing for Human by Liana Finck

My own blister of ActiPotens

In addition, this has a healing effect! Its natural compounds cure most irritations and inflammations of the prostate gland. I can easily see the difference in this case as well. Once I have tried ActiPotens, I have no difficulty in urinating as it used to be before.

Here's a link to the official page of ActiPotens. Unfortunately, it still cannot be found in pharmacy stores, but I am pretty sure that this is the future of solving all the erectile problems from now on.

Guys, I have a piece of sincere advice for you. Stop being ashamed. Due to the way we live, erectile problems are very common nowadays even among young people. But there's already an easy and completely safe solution! Try ActiPotens and you won't be sorry. I am completely sincere: this simple thing changed my life, I am sure that it can change your lives too.


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Date published: 22/09/2017
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