NHIF Penalty for Late Payments

NHIF penalty for late payment.

NHIF penalty has become a topic for most self-employed people who could not make their NHIF payments by date 09 of every month.

Did you know that NHIF requires all its customers to remit their payment by date 09 of every month? If you pay past the 9th of every month, then a penalty is imposed on you might be denied insurance cover.

How to calculate my NHIF penalty?

In order to calculate my NHIF penalty for every month you delayed to pay, you should know that NHIF imposes a monthly penalty of KES 250 for any payment made after the 9th of every month.

Basically, you need to know the months which you did not pay before the 9th as per their regulations and add the sum.

If you defaulted paying for about 3 months, then you total will be 250*3= kshs 750

(250*Months defaulted)= NHIF penalty amount


How to Pay for NHIF Penalty?

The process of paying for the NHIF penalty is more or less similar to the one we use to make NHIF monthly contributions. 

However, a few details are needed to ensure your payment is recorded as payment for the NHIF penalty.

To pay the NHIF penalty, use the following steps:

1. Go to the Mpesa menu, click on Lipa na Mpesa then Pay Bill.
2. Enter 200222 as the NHIF Business Number.
3. Enter your National ID as the Account Number and add the letter ‘y’ at the end i.e. 12345678y.
4. Enter KES 250 for every month defaulted e.g. if you have defaulted for 4 months enter KES 1,000 as the amount.
5. Enter your PIN Number.
6. You will receive a message confirming that you have successfully paid the penalty.

Please take note of step 3. Did you notice that you must put or insert letter "y" after the ID number?

If you did not put that please go back and insert the "y" at the end of writing your ID.

Kindly note that penalties are only surcharged to self-employed members

*Safaricom Terms & Conditions Apply


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Date published: 22/09/2017
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