Paypal to Mpesa Under 1 Minute in Kenya

Paypal to Mpesa Under 1 Minute in Kenya has been trending for the better part of today.

This comes amid Paypal and Mpesa collaborating to update their services in an attempt to reduce the duration it takes to withdraw money from Paypal direct to Mpesa.

The Good News has been warmly received by those merchants conducting their business online or getting paid through PayPal.



For the longest time, Kenyan merchants and freelancers have been receiving money through Equity bank and have been waiting for 3-5 business days. 

Update 1: From 9th April 2018, you’re now able to withdraw directly from PayPal to M-Pesa. PayPal now has an official arrangement with Safaricom (Mpesa). Customers could use this link to register and get started.

Update 2: From 23rd June 2020, you can withdrawal your Paypal Money to Mpesa UNDER 1 MINUTE. Paypal and Mpesa have refined their agreements.

About 1 year ago, Mpesa came to their rescue when it signed a deal with Paypal allowing Kenyans to withdraw their money from Paypal direct to their mobile wallet (Mpesa).

In what seemed like a relief to many Kenyans conducting their business online, the move did not mean well since their were some hiccups with the withdrawal process.

For example, it could sometimes take a long time to get your money in Mpesa after withdrawal-like 24 hours to 2 days. Or any amount that exceeded $200 could not be easily processed with Paypal to Mpesa.

Many freelancers did not celebrate the delays and some resorted to maintaining their past customer Paypal to Equity withdrawal service. 


Paypal to Mpesa within a Minute Sounds a Relief

However, it was a celebration to almost all freelancers and Kenyan Paypal Merchants after the Paypal to Mpesa services were updated and now the process takes place under 1 minute. Imagine withdrawing your Paypal money under 1 minute to your Mpesa account.

Sounds crazy right!


Effect of Paypal to Mpesa Under 1 Minute

Before 2018, it was extremely difficult to make PayPal to M-Pesa transfers. People were conned with dubious websites and companies that allegedly advertised themselves as helping guys get their Paypal to mpesa money with a few hours. They used under-hand methods such as "you send me money to my Paypal account and then I will send you to your Mpesa."

Some of the effects of the Paypal to Mpesa under 1 minute include;

Most Paypal to Mpesa freelancers companies will have to close down their services.

Equity Bank through their Paypal to Equity bank withdrawals will definately experience few customers.

Most customers will now start using Paypal to Mpesa Services using safaricom PLC 

You can easily invite friends over and order your drinks or cake and pay through mpesa after withdrawing from Paypal within a Minute.

Freelancers will no-longer have to wait for over 24 to 3 days to spend their money.

Basically, this is a stress-reliver.


Some quick ratings of the official PayPal withdrawal to Mpesa under 1 minute

Safety of your account 5/5

This is an official service that’s offered by PayPal, Safaricom’s M-Pesa, therefore your account is 100% protected.

Speed of delivery 5/5✅

You mostly get the cash in 2 hours, which is still awesome!

Quality of support 5/5 âœ…

PayPal and Safaricom are known for excellent support. They got you covered 🙂 

Exchange rate 5/5

The best exchange rates as compared to other competitors such as Equity.


Between Paypal to Mpesa (Safaricom) and Paypal to Equity, which one has Better Exchange Rates?

Below is the Paypal to equity calculator and Paypal to Mpesa calculator comparison.

If you intend to withdraw from PayPal let's say $14, you will receive a relatively different amount if you use Paypal to Mpesa or Paypal to Equity Service.

However, it is important to calculate to know the exact amount.

Here is a screenshot of the amount you will receive in your equity account after withdrawing using Paypal to equity service.



On the same day and time, using Paypal to Mpesa will leave you with kshs 1446.00.

This means that Paypal to Mpesa has better transaction rates as compared to Paypal to Equity Bank, but the difference is very minimal yet for the former, you receive the money within 1 minute and the later you get your money within 3 days.

Let me know your ideas, input, and Suggestions

By the way, 

What is the limit of Paypal to Mpesa withdrawals?

The within or under 1-minute transactions are possible from $1 up to $700

However, things change when your amount exceeds $700.

Sadly you have to wait for 3 days for Paypal to Mpesa to successfully process your money.

Below is the screenshot evidence if your withdrawal dollars exceeds $700

Are you satisfied with the information in this article? 

Leave us a comment below to let us know if you feel we can change or add anything


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Nice article especially for freelancers.

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