Price of plastic teeth in Kenya

The price of plastic teeth in Kenya varies depending on the type of plastic teeth, the dentist or clinic you go to, and the location of the clinic. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from KES 5,000 to KES 20,000 for a set of plastic teeth.

The table below shows the prices of some of the most common types of plastic teeth in Kenya:

Type of plastic teeth Price
Acrylic teeth KES 5,000 - KES 10,000
Composite resin teeth KES 10,000 - KES 15,000
Zirconia teeth KES 15,000 - KES 20,000

Please note that these are just estimates, and the actual price of a set of plastic teeth may vary depending on the specific needs of the patient.

Here are some factors that can affect the price of plastic teeth in Kenya:

  • The type of plastic teeth: The type of plastic teeth you choose will affect the price. Acrylic teeth are the most affordable option, while zirconia teeth are the most expensive.
  • The dentist or clinic: The dentist or clinic you go to will also affect the price. Some dentists or clinics charge more than others.
  • The location of the clinic: The location of the clinic will also affect the price. Clinics in urban areas tend to charge more than clinics in rural areas.

If you are looking for plastic teeth in Kenya, it is important to do your research and compare prices from different dentists or clinics. You should also make sure that the dentist or clinic you choose is reputable and experienced in placing plastic teeth.

For example, Royal Dental Clinic charges between Kshs. 15,000 and Kshs. 50,000 for your dentures.


Does NHIF cover plastic teeth replacement in Kenya?

Fortunately, the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) covers dentures and teeth replacement, making denture prices go down for those with the cover. Almost all other private health insurance schemes cover dentures, which will also help with the final costs of denture teeth.

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Date published: 22/09/2017
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