The most affordable cancer screening centres/hospitals in Kenya

According to research, most people in Kenya fear booking appointments for cancer screening and diagnosis. Reasons being; they may be asked to pay an arm and leg for the procedure. Well, the good news is that there are cancer care centres that screen for various types of cancer for free or at an affordable cost.

List of cheap cancer screening hospitals in Kenya 

1. Women for Cancer Early Detection & Treatment

This organization mainly deals with breast cancer but will soon start taking care of cervical cancer patients as well. Apart from providing awareness about the disease, it also educates and offers screening services. It attends to patients from all over the country.


Tel:  0724 635 680


2. Cancer Awareness Centre of Kenya 

This organization also provides awareness and educative programs about different types of cancers. You will also get screening services and greatly benefit from its bulletins, newsletters, and flyers.


Tel: 0719 227 960, 0700 299 380

email: info@cackenya,  

3. Early Cancer Care and Detection Centre

If you live in Nairobi Kisumu and Kisii this is the best place for you to go. At the centre, you will receive support, education and psycho-social support.


Tel: 254 (0) 721 683 470.




4. Lancet Kenya 

Pathologists Lancet Group of Laboratories a pathology laboratory service home-grown in Africa providing vital diagnostic, monitoring and screening testing from routine to specialized and esoteric tests. Lancet operates primarily in the private healthcare environment and offer specialist pathology services to doctors and their patients directly or through clinics and hospitals, industrial sectors, corporates, and insurances.


Main Laboratory / Headquarters
5th Avenue Office Suites
Opp. Traffic HQ – Upper Hill
5th Ngong Avenue | Ngong Road

Tel: 0703 061 000

Landlines: 020 273 5123, 271 6701
020 2508456, 271 6697
Mobile: 0729 111110, 0736 493100


Photo Courtesy of Focus on Abuja



5. Hope and Courage International  

Hope Courage International provides support and education for cancer patients and cancer survivors and their families. It serves Kerugoya, Nairobi and Nyeri regions.


Tel: +254 714 897 228

Email: info@hopeandcourageint 

6. Faraja Cancer Support Trust

This cancer support trust offers complementary therapies, education and support groups to Nairobi residents who need the services. The services are for all types of cancers.


Tel: 0721 872 909

Email info@farajacancersupport

Facebook: Faraja Cancer Support

Twitter: @FarajaTrust


7. HENZO Kenya

Henzo Kenya is very specific and provides support to patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia and gastrointestinal stromal tumor cancers (CML & GIST). It serves the whole country and if you have those cancers and need support you can visit the center.

Contact: 0738 893 420,


Facebook: henzokenya

Twitter: henzokenya

8. Hope Beyond Cancer Trust

The Hope beyond Cancer Trust Provides awareness programs, screening and education about breast, cervical and prostate cancers. It is another facility that deals with specific cancers. You can also get literature on cancer treatment and survivorship in Kiswahili, Kikuyu, Dholuo, Kikamba, Luhya. The trust serves people from all over the country.


Tel:  0722 707 628.


9. Hope for Cancer Kids

As its name suggests, this center supports childhood cancer patients and their families. Regions of Kenya served: Eldoret, Kisii, Machakos, Muranga, Nairobi, Nyeri, Webuye.


Tel: 0722 663 592.

Email: info@hope4cancerkids 

10. Kenya Cancer Association

The Kenya Cancer Association provides awareness programs, screening, advocacy and education about all cancers. It is involved in providing cancer information brochures as well.  It serves patients from all over the country.


Email: info@kenyacancer 

Facebook: Kenya Cancer Association

Twitter: Kenya Cancer

11. Oasis of Life Organization

The Oasis of Life Organization supports prostate cancer patients, survivors, and their families.


Carole Njagi – Founder/CEO


Facebook: oasisoflifeorganization

Partnership for the Eradication of Cancer in Africa


Rosa Ongeso

Tel: 0706 512 684


Prostate Cancer Support Association


Gacheche Waruingi,

Tel: 0706 512 684


12. Stoma World Kenya

Stoma World caters to specific cancer as well. It offers public awareness on colorectal cancers, and support to colorectal cancer patients, survivors, and their families.

Regions of Kenya served: Eldoret, Kisumu, Machakos, Nairobi, Nyeri.


Tarsem Singh Devgun

Tel: 0721 393 230


13. Twakutukuza Trust

Provides support to cancer patients, survivors, and their families. It also has a publication about the founder’s personal battle with cancer.

It covers all regions of  Kenya


Doris Mayoli,

Tel: 0714 780 540; 0737 780 540

Email:  info@twatrust

Facebook: Twakutukuza Trust

Twitter: @TwaTrust

14. Youth Against Cancer Kenya (YACK)

Youth against Cancer Kenya (YACK) advocates for and creates awareness

Tel: +254722566478; 

Email: info@yackenya;  atilla@yackenya;  

Website:  yackenya  

Facebook: YACK

Twitter: @yackkenya

Instagram: yackenya


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