15 Best Private Hospitals in Nyeri County

It is not a walk in the park to find the best private hospitals in Nyeri county especially if you are in a rush. We know the pain we pass through sometimes looking for the best hospital and their services. Most of the time we don't even know if a certain hospital exists. We have relieved you of the pain of making the endless search for best private hospital in Nyeri county.


1. Consolata Hospital Nyeri

It is classified as a level 5 hospital owned and managed by a faith-based organization. It offers excellent medical care and the place is clean. It offers general inpatient and outpatient medical services, counseling, physiotherapy, cancer screening, radiology, and imaging.

Location: Mathari

Contacts: +254 721 358 137/ +254 729 098 324


2. Tumutumu Hospital 

Tumutumu Hospital Nyeri Mathira is a mission hospital supported by the PCEA church and definitely better managed than the local government hospital provides general healthcare in medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology. It has a Medical student training college that produces excellent Medical professionals. It accepts the NHIF card for treatment.

Location: Mathira

Contacts: 0720 948 474


3. Outspan Hospital

Outspan Hospital Nyeri is a good private hospital that has expanded into a larger and better hospital by constructing a larger area for the hospital for better patient accommodation. It is said to be the best hospital in Nyeri County with excellent medical services from wards to food. Outspan Hospital Nyeri is a highly equipped 250-bed private teaching hospital in Nyeri. It offers laboratory services, pharmacy, physiotherapy, radiology, Intensive care, high dependency unit, maternity, dental unit, psychology, emergency evacuation, and ambulance.

Location: Along Baden Powell Road

Contacts: 0722 696 901


4. Agha Khan University Medical Centre

Agha Khan Hospital Nyeri offers excellent medical care from highly trained medical personnel. They offer excellent services and their customer care are cautious.

Location: Ground floor, Rupshi Chambers Building, Kimathi Way, Nyeri Town

Contacts: +254 61 203 1446


Top 5 Hospitals Offering Maternity Services in Nyeri County


6. Bliss Medical Centre

Bliss Medical Centre Nyeri offers laboratory services, doctors consultation, pharmacy, optical, ultrasound, dental services, X-ray, and CT scan.

Location: 1st Floor, Jenkin Plaza, Next to Imperial Hotel Nyeri

Contacts: +254 780 100 927


7. Karen Hospital- Nyeri

It provides X-ray and ultrasound services, laboratory, imaging, physiotherapy, pharmacy, obstetrics, ophthalmology, and pediatrics.

Location: Caledonia House, Kenyatta Avenue, Nyeri Town

Contacts: 0727 547 214


You can read about the list of hospitals accepting NHIF in Nyeri County


8. Jamii Hospital

Jamii Hospital Karatina is a private hospital located in Karatina Town. It offers quality health care with access to both inpatient and outpatient. Most smart cards and NHIF accepted with the well equipped hospital, professional services, and adequately staffed.

Location: Karatina Town

Contacts: 0722 864 819/ 0711 122 677


8. Meridian Medical Centre

Merdian Hospital Nyeri offers all clinical services under one roof. They take the patient's requests seriously and the hospital is well equipped for most diagnoses.

Location: Ground floor, Barclays Bank Building, Nyeri Town

Contacts: 0706 474 232


9. Mary Immaculate Hospital

This is a church hospital that serves the local community and also people from neighboring towns. It has good staff who are always willing to help. Ample and free parking. It offers impressive medical care and thoroughness of medical history data, weel equipped labs, and explanations provided by the pharmacist, nurses, and the doctor. They have a wonderful staff.

Location: Mweiga

Contacts: 0721 178 109


10. Waka Ruringu Maternity Hospital

Offers all medical services under one roof. Specifically, they offer maternity services 24 hours.

It is located along Nyeri-Karatina Road, Mukaro Location

Contacts: 0722 963 213



This hospital is mainly known for offering gynecology, maternity, and infant health services.

It is located in Pamki House, Ground floor, Kimathi Way, Nyeri.

Contact 0800 720 005



12. Karatina Maternity and Nursing Home

Karatina Maternity and Nursing Home is a good hospital offering both inpatient and outpatient services, maternity services, good working staff, and friendly and serene environment. Nursing home with care

Address: Along Nyeri-Nairobi Highway, Karatina
Phone: 0725 825181

13. Mathira Medical & Dental Centre

Offers dental check-ups and other dental-related services such as tech whitening, filling, extractions, etc. They also offer outpatient services such as laboratory, pharmaceutical, and consultation, VCT, antenatal clinic, diabetes clinic, and hypertension clinic among many others.
Address: Nyeri - Nairobi Highway, Karatina
Phone: 0723 927766

14. Wellmuck Medical Centre

This is a new medical center with an experienced doctor who is available 24hrs. The center is clean and quiet.
Address: Karatina Nyeri highway
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: 0723 513121

15. Express Medical Clinic

The clinicians there are qualified, experienced, and very professional.
Address: Karatina Town, Mathira East
Hours:  Closes 8 PM
Phone: 0728 516991

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