PCEA TumuTumu Hospital and Training College

The locals also know Pcea Tumutumu Hospital as Tumutumu mission hospital, one of the largest privately owned hospitals in Nyeri County. It has been serving the patients and locals for over 120 years. It was started back in 1909 but started admitting patients in 1910 under the ownership of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA). The hospital is more well-managed than most local or government-owned hospitals. It provides a wide range of patient services, including X-ray, dental, eye, physiotherapy, ultra-Sound, dialysis, MRI, CT scan, ENT, and funeral home.

However, there are many charges and services that you might not know about Pcea Tumutumu Hospital as the best hospital in central Kenya, Nyeri County. For example, the hospital has a good reputation for offering maternity services and has a medical or nursing training college within the same compound. It's important to see their hospital charges if you intend to consult their maternity and college services.


Tumutumu Hospital maternity charges

The hospital offers holistic maternity services from prenatal care to postpartum support at friendly charges under their 24-hour emergency medical care services. They are located 5 kms outside of Karatina Town.

Tumutumu Hospital charges Kshs 0 (zero) on maternity services if you have an NHIF insurance cover. In other words, you do not pay anything to deliver your newborn in the hospital because the NHIF covers everything. However, you will only pay for non-medical essentials such as a baby towel, bucket, and basin for showing, as well as slippers.


Do I Need to select Tumutumu in my NHIF to deliver there?

The simple answer is Yes. You can deliver from the hospital even if you have not selected or chosen Tumutumu in the NHIF insurance coverage as your outpatient facility. However, it is important to ask if they will put you in regular or amenity wards while at the facility. The amenity wards are optional, and you will be charged during your discharge day. Ask the facility or admission nurse to record that they place you in the amenity wards during the admission process in the case. Nobody likes surprise charges during their discharge day.


Does Tumutumu Hospital Accept Other Insurance Cards?

Something we did not capture earlier on is that Tumutumu is a level 5 hospital which means they offer and handle several medical cases. Besides accepting the NHIF insurance cover, it also accepts a range of private or corporate medical insurance covers including Britam, AON Minet, Madison, Jubilee, CIC, APA, GI, Sanlam, AAR, Kenya Power, and Pacis. If you have NHIF and have selected the hospital as your facility, you can get outpatient treatment sometimes at no cost.


Tumutumu hospital address

Thus far, it’s important to have hospital contacts to ensure you can dial them anytime you need either hospital services.

Phone: 0720 948474                        tumutumuhospital@yahoo.com


Tumutumu hospital training college

Tumutumu Hospital has a medical or nursing training college within the hospital where they train their nurses and other medical courses. They offer other various medical and non-medical courses including;

  1. Certificate in Information and Communication Technology.
  2. Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics.
  3. Certificate in Perioperative Theater Technology.
  4. Diploma in Information and Communication Technology.
  5. Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse (KRCHN)
  6. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics.
  7. Diploma in Perioperative Theater Technology.

Therefore, students can seek the above courses from the Tumutumu School of Nursing through the application using their phone number and contacts below:

Cell Phone: 0727 327044

E-mail: tumutumunursing@gmail.com

Now that you have learned about the PCEA TumuTumu Hospital and Training College what do you think we should add? You can tell us about your suggestion in the comment section below.


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