Adele, age 24, was recently diagnosed with cancer. What specific steps that Adele can take to effectively manage her levels of stress throughout her course of treatment?

Adele, age 24, was recently diagnosed with cancer. This form of cancer is treatable, requiring several months’ worth of hospital treatments. She feels a great deal of stress from
being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and managing her treatments along with her duties at work. Coping strategies define how people deal with stress.

I have a friend at my job who had brain tumors. I saw her health and mental state slowly decline from the day she found out she had brain tumors. I reminded her that although she has been hit with this hard information she still had people around her who loved and cared for her and that this is not the end for her.

She was depressed for a while, but she eventually snapped out of it. She never really dated before the diagnosis but she decided to find some love in her life. She also adopted dogs which I hear can also be a stress reliever. She started doing things that she used to love to do such as helping out at the Humane Society, she joined dance classes, and she even started to take some college courses. She also started to look after her health a little more by watching what she ate as well as exercising after work. She also did inform my boss that she would need some time off of work for doctors’ appointments as well as for all her other activities and hobbies. So instead of sitting at home and sulking about her situation she got up and did things that would make her happy.

I am not saying all of the things she was doing such as dating, adopting a dog, or taking dance classes is a way for everyone to manage stress levels. I think the best way is to find things and hobbies that make you happy. Joining a volunteer group to help others who are in need can also be a great way of relieving stress. When you’re helping others it helps you forget your stressful situation. I also think joining a support group or therapy is a good way of coping with stress. It helps to know others are in the same predicament and you are not the only one dealing with what you’re going through.

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Date published: 22/09/2017
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