Avenue Hospital Maternity Charges; Nairobi and Kisumu Branches

Choosing Avenue Hospital for Your Delivery? Here's What You Need to Know:

Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Avenue Hospital has you covered! This guide explains the maternity packages and costs for both their Nairobi and Kisumu branches.


Nairobi Parklands Branch: Birth Made Easy


Choose Your Support:

  • Normal Delivery with Midwife (KES 65,000): Get experienced midwife support throughout your birth experience, including everything from the delivery room to a 2-day hospital stay.
  • Normal Delivery with Doctor (KES 75,000): Have an obstetrician by your side for added peace of mind, plus a pediatrician visit for your newborn. Includes a 2-day hospital stay.

Comprehensive C-Section Package (KES 180,000): This covers everything from the procedure to a 3-day hospital stay for both you and your baby, with doctor and pediatrician care.


What's Included:

  • For Mom: Doctor fees, delivery room charges, routine tests, medications, breastfeeding support, meals, follow-up consultations with doctor and pediatrician.
  • For Baby: Pediatrician care, nursery charges, routine tests, vaccinations, medications, follow-up consultation with pediatrician.


Avenue Hospital Kisumu Branch: Welcoming New Life with a Smile

The Kisumu branch offers similar top-notch maternity care:

  • Normal Delivery with Midwife (KES 65,000)
  • Normal Delivery with Doctor (KES 75,000)
  • Comprehensive C-Section Package (KES 180,000)


Planning a C-Section? No Problem!

  • Elective Caesarean (KES 135,000): Schedule your C-section in advance with a team of specialists. Relax and recover in our maternity ward for 5 days.
  • Emergency Caesarean (KES 180,000): We're prepared for any situation with immediate, expert care.


Ready to Meet Your Little One?

Contact Avenue Hospital:

Parklands: First Parklands Avenue, Nairobi (0732 175 000, 0711 060 000) Kisumu: Kisumu – Kakamega Road, Opposite Kibuye Market (0718 860 200, 0730 016 158)


Please Note:

  • Extra hospital stays, epidural anesthesia, certain tests and procedures, private rooms, and complications are not included in the packages and will be charged separately.
  • Private doctor charges are also additional.

Let Avenue Hospital be your partner in this exciting journey of parenthood!


Ready to Meet Your Mini-Me?

Get in touch with our friendly staff at:


Avenue Hospital Parklands:

  • Location: First Parklands Avenue, Nairobi
  • Contacts: 0732 175 000, 0711 060 000


Avenue Hospital Kisumu:

  • Location: Kisumu – Kakamega Road, Opposite Kibuye Market
  • Contacts: 0718 860 200 / 0730 016 158


● Additional Hospital Stay days beyond
 the package days
● Any service beyond the package days
● Epidural labour Analgesia
● The non-Package investigation,
 procedure, medication or Vaccine

● Anti-D injection
● Private room or VIP Suites
● Twin/Multiple Pregnancy
● Maternal or Neonatal Complications
● Comorbidity Treatments
● Private Doctor Charges


Please Note: All extra facilities or exclusions will be charged to the mother and baby separately.

Let Avenue Hospital be your partner on this incredible journey of parenthood. We're here to make every step filled with love, care, and, of course, a healthy dose of laughter (because let's face it, babies can be pretty hilarious!).

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Date published: 22/09/2017
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