The Nairobi Hospital Maternity fees, reviews, consultation fee, private room charges

Nairobi Hospital is the best-rated private hospital in Kenya and East Africa. This article will expound on the most asked questions about Nairobi Hospital Maternity fees, maternity reviews, consultation fees, private room charges, and maternity packages.

Located in the heart of Nairobi along the Argwings Kodhek Road in the Upper Hill area of Nairobi, Nairobi Hospital has a good reputation for maternity services hence expectant mothers can pay the extra charges for top-notch safe pre-birth and post-natal services.


The Nairobi Hospital Antenatal Package 

Charges: Ksh 60,000

This package covers for:

  • 6 Antenatal visits (any extra visits out of the schedule will be charged separately)
  • 2 Postnatal visits by the doctor after CS at 2 weeks & 6 weeks
  • 1 Neo-natal baby visit (at 2 weeks old) Pre-natal investigations i.e. Laboratory tests & 2 ultrasound scans
  • 1 postnatal visit by the doctor (after Normal delivery at 6 weeks)
  • 1 Physiotherapy session


2. The Nairobi Hospital Normal Delivery Package 

Charges: Ksh 90,000

This package covers for:

  • Obstetricians, Paediatricians & Resident Registrar fee
  • Post-natal investigations i.e. Laboratory tests Normal ward bed for 2 days
  • Nursery charges for 2 days with vaccinations 1 physiotherapy session post-natal


3. Caesarean section

Charges: Ksh 190,000

  • All services in the normal delivery package
  • Anaesthetist fee
  • Theatre fees
  • 1 physiotherapy session postnatal
  • Normal ward bed for 3 days
  • Nursery charges for 3 days with vaccinations


Bed Rates and maternity private room charges?

The maternity or delivery packages described above can be paid in advance, before the delivery date or during or up to the day of admission on a ward bed, payable once or in instalments. However, if you prefer to occupy a private room, an additional cost will be incurred & is subject to availability.

-The cost of Private Room during maternity services at Nairobi Hospitals costs: Ksh 14, 500 per day

-En-suite room costs Ksh 23,500 per day

-The North wing room with different suites at Nairobi Hospital costs:

    • Deluxe Suite – Kshs 45,000 per day
    • Premier Suite – Kshs 65,000 per day
    • Presidential Suite – Kshs 98,000 per day


*Charges not included in the Maternity Packages

  • Medicines or vitamin supplements
  • Any other laboratory or radiological tests other than pre-natal investigations
  • Hospitalization during pregnancy other than delivery
  • Removal of the retained placenta under anaesthesia – Repair of lacerations: Under general anaesthesia
  • Epidural Kshs. 55,000
  • Lamaze classes (6 sessions) Kshs. 12,000


Please note that: 

  • • NHIF only cover the daily bed rebate of Kshs. 4,000
  • Package rates are net of NHIF. If you are not an NHIF member you will be charged the bed rebate of Kshs. 4,000.
  • The package does not cater for high-risk pregnancies & complications.
  • Any extra cost incurred outside the package will be charged separately.
  • In case of an emergency Cesarean Section, the C/S charge will apply.
  • The Nairobi Hospital reserves the right to admission & changes of price without notice.


The Nairobi Hospital also has Lamaze classes for expectant mothers on Wednesdays 5.00 PM- 7.00 PM and Saturdays from 10:00 AM-12.00 PM. The Lamaze classes are based on appointment only and cost KES 12,000 for 6 sessions only.


Some of our readers asked whether it is possible to have pain-free labor and delivery at the Nairobi Hospital Maternity. Our answer is YES. You can experience labor and delivery without pain after being injected with an epidural which costs KES 55,000 and is available 24 hours and by Appointment only.


The Nairobi Hospital Anderson Speciality Clinics Contacts

Phone: +254 730 666 860, +254 20 28465000/ +254 703 082000

Location: Argwings Kodhek Rd, Anderson Centre, 1st floor


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Date published: 22/09/2017
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