Can you eat eggs on a low carb diet?

Yes, Eggs belong to the group of low carbohydrate such as meat, fish, vegetables, and butter. You can consume eggs while you are on a low carb diet or intermittent fasting

Nutrition Facts:

Eggs are a low-carb food, providing less than one gram of carbohydrate. But even though they're healthy, as with any food, you should be mindful of portion sizes. There are five grams of fat per large egg.

All kinds: Boiled, fried, scrambled, omelets, etc. You may want to choose organic eggs, if possible.

 A delicious low-carb breakfast

A delicious low-carb breakfast: Eggs are a low-carb food

Low Carb Egg Recipes
  • Eggs Scrambled with Asparagus, Bacon and Swiss Cheese. This recipe will be a great way to start out your day, and it will work for individuals.
  • Eggs Scrambled with Feta and Spinach.
  • Poached Eggs over Tomato, Avocado and Muenster.
  • Smoked Sausage Deviled Eggs.
  • Cinnamon Custard.
We use eggs a lot in our ketogenic diet for both cooking and nutrition, they are a truly low carb superfood loaded with healthy fats and essential minerals. In fact, they’re right there in the keto food pyramid. Eggs make an excellent keto snack hard boiled, they’re quick to fry or scramble and make a fantastic, moist, binder for meatballs.Eggs are so versatile I would take a guess and say that we use them in about one-third of all of our recipes.We use eggs due to the need of having low-carb diet ingredients. Not only do we use eggs for weight loss but for the benefits of their nutrient dense fats.
Those healthy fats found in eggs go wasted in high carb diets due to the body choosing to use carbohydrates as fuel first.

Egg Yolks are Perfect for Low Carb Diets & All Round Health

Around here we never dispose of the egg yolk either, if anything we double up on them to get more nutrients and fat into our diet.The egg yolk is where all the good stuff is such as amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals which are essential particularly if your goal is weight loss.The essential branch chain amino acids in eggs (BCAA’s) also combat fatigue and aid repair in muscle tissue as well as being crucial for protein synthesis.That added egg fat not only gives us vital nutrients, it actually helps us lose weight through fueling ketosis.
No egg whites and oatmeal around here that’s for sure.

Whole Eggs are Packed Full of Healthy Diet Requirements

A whole egg (white and yolk) contains the following nutrients;

  • Vitamin A,

  • Vitamin B5,

  • Vitamin B6,

  • Vitamin B12 & B2

  • Vitamins D, E, K,

  • Branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s)

  • Calcium

  • Folate

  • Selenium & Zinc.

Eggs have around 80 calories (dependant on size) 6-8 grams of Protein & 6 grams of fats.

The scientific evidence suggests diets low in carbohydrates and high in fat not only contribute to weight loss but improve heart health dramatically.Eggs also contain cholesterol. But eating the cholesterol found in eggs through your diet does not cause LDL and triglyceride build up in your cardiovascular system. In fact, eggs combat cholesterol.

A Few Suggestions About Including Eggs in your Diet

  1. Try to buy free range eggs, they taste better and the chickens are happier

  2. If you’re not eating them, refrigerate your eggs, especially if you live in a warm climate

  3. If you can get your eggs farm fresh, do that and support your local farmer

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