Incus Ear Hearing and ENT Centre

Incus Ear Hearing and ENT Centre

It is a registered audiology and hearing aid center. If you are looking for an audiologist in Nairobi or in Kenya, then you are at the right place.

Incus Ear or ENT center or Encus Audiology center are dedicated to providing the right technology and solutions to earing problems.

Just a sneak peek of what they do. The ear specialist will examine the patient's ear for any physical damage of infections, or blockage. Afterward, the Ear or ENT specialist for that matter will conduct a full diagnosis of the hearing capabilities or loss.

After the specialist has ascertained the patient's condition, they will seat and discuss all the possible treatment options with the patient or family.

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If the patient's treatment requires hearing aids, we have an assortment of hearing aids to meet your individual needs.

Incus Ear Hearing and ENT center also do diagnostics from referrals.

They are located at Ngong Avenue, Nairobi.

Branches Inclus Ear Hearing and ENT center

Incus Ear Hearing and ENT center have satellite centres in Mombasa, Kisumu, Machakos, Nakuru and Nyeri. Services offered include; hearing tests, pre-employment hearing screening, newborn hearing screening, tinnitus counseling, and aviation hearing tests.


For further inquiries you can contact, 0722 112 555/ 0771 236 666.

Thank you for getting updated about IncusEar Hearing Aid Centre - Audiology & Hearing HealthCare

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Date published: 22/09/2017
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