What is the cost of aggregated Mpesa Line

Before answering your concerns about the cost of aggregated Mpesa Line, let me give a heads up about the meaning of these terms. Aggregated Mpesa line means that you will be getting your commission directly from Mpesa (Safaricom) to your Mpesa Line without the agent. Aggregated Mpesa Line was introduced after Safaricom realized the super-agents were inconveniencing and fraudulently deducting commissions from agents.

What does it mean to have an aggregated Mpesa Line

Having an aggregated Mpesa Line means four things; 



  • As an agent, you will earn higher commissions- You get the recommended Safaricom ratio for Mpesa Agents. This means that you will get 80% of any transaction you make while 20% goes to your principal.
  • You will be directly paid your monthly accrued commissions by Safaricom by the end of each new month on the 1st.
  • You will not experience delays in commission remittances. Commissions accrued by your Mpesa line will be sent to your Mpesa line on the 1st of every new month without delay.
  • You will experience quick conflict resolutions since the aggregated Mpesa line has a formal arrangement.
  • Ease float management by getting float from the banks or super agents without going through your Main agent.

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Cost of an Aggregated Mpesa Line

Depending on the super-agent or how you acquire the aggregated Mpesa Line, you might pay Kshs 10,000-15,000 to buy the line. However, some super-agents have strict rules and guidelines. They might ask you to have a float of a minimum of Kshs 50,000 before you start transacting using the Mpesa Line. Some of them do not care about the minimum float but they will want to see you making transactions without inactivity.

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Date published: 22/09/2017
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