Nairobi ENT Clinic

Nairobi ENT clinic is known for the progressive multi-physician establishment dedicated to treating Ear, Nose, Throat.

The clinic was founded by ENT Head and Neck Surgeons Prof. Isaac M. Macharia and Dr. Chimmy Omamo-Olende.

Some of the conditions diagnosed and treated in this clinic include;

ENT Conditions & Treatments


SNORING - Why your life could be in danger!



SNORING - Why your life could be in danger!

Snoring is a common ENT problem that is usually caused by abnormal constriction of the upper airway which leads to reduced airflow when breathing in...





Dizziness is usually a broad term to describe a condition. Depending on your signs and symptoms as well as your illness description, a Nairobi ENT Clinic can establish the problem and offer the best treatment.



Ear infections, also called otitis media, are a common problem in children. About 50 percent of children usually suffer from ear infections and seeking consultation from an ENT specialist is a good move.



Labyrinthitis is can be described as an ENT condition that leads to hearing loss and dizziness as well as balance problems.



Too much pressure on the nose also described as Trauma causes the nose to fracture or the nasal skeleton or the cartilage.

Other Treatment Services offered in Nairobi ENT clinic include;

  • Rhinology,
  • speech pathology,
  • laryngology,
  • otology,
  • head and neck surgery,
  • voice clinic,
  • feeding and swallowing therapy.

           Nairobi ENT Main Clinic

The main clinic is located at Nairobi Hospital, next to the Doctors Plaza.

           Nairobi ENT Branches

  • Greenspan Mall in Donholm,
  • Mega-City Plaza in Kisumu, and
  • Agha Khan University Hospital Doctors’ Plaza.

Nairobi ENT Clinic Contacts

For any ENT inquiries, you can contact, +254 (020) 272 0480/ +254 (0) 721 391 465/ 0733 633 667.

Now that you know a few conditions diagnosed and treated at Nairobi ENT Clinic, it would be wise to book an appointment with them and get relieved of your ENT doubts.



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Date published: 22/09/2017
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