Preventing Children from Household chemicals

Importance of Preventing Children from Household chemicals

™  It helps in preventing children from contracting anemia due to low red blood cell count.

™  It helps to prevent children from suffering from permanent brain damage and nervous system.

™  It assists in preventing the effects of lead that causes immunotoxicity as well as toxicity to the brain and reproductive organs.


Definition or Description:

Lead poisoning has continued to become one of the serious health risks for infants. Consequently, there is a dire need to make parents aware about the sources of lead, its effects on children and how they can limit children’s from getting contact with lead.

Lead with Evidence

According to Rosner (2014), more than two million children have high lead content in their blood that is enough to damage their blood cells. Worse still, when lead has poisoned a kid’s cells, the condition caused by this substance become permanent even after receiving health attention (Zivkovic & Savic, 2014). However, many parents tend not to know how their children gets into contact with lead. As a result, they only become aware of the effect of lead on children when serious damages have already been made on the kids’ health conditions (Rozier & Liebelt, 2018).

Recommendations on accident prevention

™ Keep children away from peeling paints as well as chewing paint having lead contents.

™ Constantly wash the toys and children’s hands to get rid of the lead they have come in contact with.



Summary of the teaching

Mrs. Florence is a 36-year-old parent from Niagara County, Network. She is a parent to Tony and Job who are twins and are 2 years old. From this awareness and teachings, this parent has gained a lot. For example, Mrs. Florence have learned that she must always check the materials that are used to make various substances she wants to buy before actually purchasing them for her kids or for home use. She further learned that she should constantly take her children for lead screening so that in case the children are affected they can be helped before their health condition worsen. This parent has also learned that she must watch all the things her children are eating and wash their hands and toys regularly.


FAQs or Testimonials

™  Children come into contact with lead through many ways such as drinking water contaminated with lead, playing with toys having high lead contents and even some consumer product like tea kettles.

™  Parent should always watch the food and water their children are taking both at school and at home to reduce expose to lead.

™  The parent should always clean their children’s toys every time before and after they have used them.


What you Should Know to keep Your Child safe  


™  The parent should watch their family’s diet together with hygiene to reduce exposer of children to lead.


™  Parents should constantly take their children to be screened for lead so that they can be helped before they affected too much by this substance


™  The parent should renovate their homes to get rid of lead that can be eaten by young people. 




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Date published: 22/09/2017
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