Public Secondary School Students have Comprehensive Medical Cover Courtesy of the Government

Parents, are you aware that your public secondary school child has comprehensive medical cover courtesy of the government? I bet most of you don't know.

Edu Afya- Health Public Secondary Cover
Your son or  daughter has a comprehensive Health Cover for Public Secondary school Form 1- 4- by the Government of Kenya and NHIF

They are covered in both Outpatient and In-patient- They can access foreign medical care, from INDIA or any other COUNTRY (Overseas Treatment) and you do not have to pay any cent. (After Preauthorization)

1. Outpatient benefits 
- Medical- Drugs- Optical- Dental- Radiology 
- Ct-scan, MRI Oncology, and Dialysis
- Inpatient - admission- surgeries-etc - Your Child can be admitted to Mater, Agha-khan, Nairobi, or any other  hospital and access specialists that cover
- Drugs and Substance - Rehabilitation Counseling is also in the Cover

- You do not need to do Fundraising or WhatsApp Harambees - recently a student who incurred a bill of 10 million from Alliance was all paid by the Ministry of education through Edu Afya cover.

-In case of Death- in an event where a student die- the parents are given 100,000 as the last expense- 
If your Child died between 2018 ( When the Cover was started) to 2021 you can still claim the money- only need to take Nemis  number Death and Birth certificate and the names are constant,

Personal Accident- if a child is involved in an accident the student is supposed to be paid Ksh.400,000 
Emergency Evacuation- You can get ambulances, air evacuation for that cover in case of an accident to your child- in that cover 
Road Ambulance Emergency Services- 0738395395

Ensure your child has NEMIS No, and  Headmaster has registered your son or daughter and they have the UPI (Unique Person Identifier) number and Student  NHIF Number.
-No Nemis No. No NHIF no.
Toll Free No.NHIf 800720601 24hrs

Next time you have a sickness situation,try this...

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  • 02/Mar/22 10:05pm

Thank you. Very informative

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  • 05/Aug/23 05:38pm

The nhif free till 800720601 is not working

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  • 06/Aug/23 04:14am

Hello, use this procedure to pay NHIF. Go to Mpesa Menu, Select Paybill and enter 200222 as the business/pay bill number; Enter your National ID number as your account number; Enter the amount you want to pay; then entire your Mpesa Pin and send

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Date published: 22/09/2017
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