Thyroid Disorders Causes Premature Ejaculation

Among the many causes of Premature ejaculation, thyroid disorders cause premature ejaculation. In this article, we will discuss various dynamics of thyroid gland disorders or rather thyroid disorders which can be attributed as the cause of premature ejaculation. 

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Can thyroid problems cause erectile dysfunction?

Yes. Many men with thyroid problems have erectile dysfunction (ED). ... Hyperthyroidism refers to an overactive thyroid when the gland produces too much thyroid hormone. Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can affect a man's ability to have erections, although scientists aren't sure why.


At what age do thyroid problems start?

This can cause the gland to overproduce the hormone responsible for regulating metabolism. The disease is hereditary and may develop at any age in men or women, but it's much more common in women ages 20 to 30, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

What causes thyroid problems in males?

A condition known as Graves' disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism for men, though women are still more likely to develop this autoimmune disorder. Having Graves' disease means your immune system mistakenly attacks a healthy thyroid gland, causing it to produce too much thyroid hormone.

How long can you live with thyroid disease?

Conclusions and Relevance At the age of 50 years, participants with low-normal thyroid function live up to 3.5 years longer overall and up to 3.1 years longer without CVD than participants with high-normal thyroid function.

Does thyroid affect testosterone?

Hormonal and Sexual Dysfunction: Hypothyroidism can have a direct effect on the hypothalamus or pituitary gland, interfering with testosterone production. This can lead to symptoms such as: ... Low testosterone. Erectile dysfunction, Hormonal and Sexual Dysfunction: Hypothyroidism can have a direct effect on the hypothalamus or pituitary gland, interfering with testosterone production. This can lead to symptoms such as:
  • Low libido
  • Infertility
  • Low testosterone
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced frequency of morning erections
  • Reduced muscle mass

Thyroid issues can increase the decline in sex hormone production. Both our sex and thyroid hormones are part of an overall hormone communications network in our body, referred to as the HPA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal) axis. A sluggish thyroid can reduce the production of sexual hormones required for optimal sexual function and a healthy libido.


When your thyroid makes too much hormone, a condition called hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid, your body will work faster than it should. As a result, you may feel your heartbeat race, feel nervous or jumpy, and have problems sleeping. You might also feel warm, lose weight, and have diarrhea.

In contrast, hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid occurs when your thyroid doesn’t make enough hormones. In this case, your body works more slowly. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include feeling cold, tired, achy, and constipated. You might gain weight and have dry skin.

Fortunately, both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can be treated by bringing thyroid hormone levels to a normal range.

For people with hyperthyroidism, this might mean medication or surgery. Another option is radioiodine therapy, which involves taking radioactive iodine pills. This substance eventually destroys the thyroid gland. In turn, patients do develop hypothyroidism, but some doctors feel that an underactive thyroid is easier to treat than on overactive one.

Does hypothyroidism lower testosterone?

Studies show that low thyroid function can lead to lowered amounts of sex hormone-binding blobulin. SHBG is important because it carries testosterone through the body, making it available to cells and tissues. Without it, there will be a decrease in the amount of usable testosterone.

Can Thyroid be cured?

All thyroid diseases can be treated, resulting in normal thyroid function. Such treatments include; Antithyroid medication, radioactive iodine, and surgery are all effective treatments and can restore thyroid function to normal. Radioactive iodine and surgery also can “cure” the hyperthyroidism by removing the thyroid.

What does a man's thyroid do?

The function of your thyroid is to make thyroid hormone and pump it out into your blood so it can be distributed to all the organs in your body. You could think of thyroid gland as your body's energy company.
The thyroid gland produces hormones that control your metabolism – how fast or slow organs in your body work. These hormones influence your breathing, your heartbeat, your brain, and your nervous system. They also help regulate your body temperature, weight, and cholesterol levels.

How do you tell if your thyroid is off (hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism signs and symptoms may include:
  1. Fatigue.
  2. Increased sensitivity to cold.
  3. Constipation.
  4. Dry skin.
  5. Weight gain.
  6. Puffy face.
  7. Hoarseness.
  8. Muscle weakness.

Can stress cause thyroid problems?

Stress alone will not cause a thyroid disorder, but it can make the condition worse. The impact of stress on the thyroid occurs by slowing your body's metabolism. This is another way that stress and weight gain are linked. A delicate balance between stress hormones and cortisol must exist for proper thyroid function.


What food is bad for thyroid?

These foods have goitrogens or are known irritants if consumed in large amounts.
  • Foods that contain gluten: Bread, pasta, cereals, beer, etc.
  • Soy foods: Tofu, tempeh, edamame beans, soy milk, etc.
  • Cruciferous vegetables: Broccoli, kale, spinach, cabbage, etc.
  • Certain fruits: Peaches, pears and strawberries.
  • soy foods: tofu, tempeh, edamame, etc.
  • certain vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, spinach, etc.
  • fruits and starchy plants: sweet potatoes, cassava, peaches, strawberries, etc.
  • nuts and seeds: millet, pine nuts, peanuts, etc.

What is a normal TSH level for a man?

The typical range of reference for TSH levels is anywhere between 0.4 and 4.9 milliunits per liter (mU/L) . A recent study suggests that the normal range should be more like 0.45 to 4.12 mU/L. TSH can vary wildly based on your age, sex, and stage of life.

What emotional problems does hypothyroidism cause?

In both thyroid disorders you may also suffer from mood swings or short temper and difficulties in sleeping. Generally the more severe the thyroid disease the more severe the mood changes. All this is caused either by abnormal or rapidly changing thyroid levels or can be a side effect of treatment.

How dangerous is Thyroid?

Left untreated, the symptoms of hypothyroidism will usually progress. Rarely, complications can result in severe life-threatening depression, heart failure, or coma. Hypothyroidism can often be diagnosed with a simple blood test: the thyroid hormone panel.

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