Top 5 Hospitals offering Maternity Services in Kisumu

All expectant mothers deserve the right to deliver in an ample environment under the right medical specialists. Below we offer you the list of the best maternity hospitals in Kisumu. Under no particular order:

1. Agakhan Hospital-Kisumu.

The hospital offers maternity services at fixed reasonable prices for the caesarian section and normal delivery. The prices range from 150,000shs for normal delivery and 280,000shs for the caesarian section. The maternity package includes:

  • Antenatal clinic diagnostic procedures.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Post-natal follow up.

Location: Otieno Oyoo Street, Kisumu.

Mobile: 0722203622

Open Hours: 24 Hours


2. Milimani hospital- Kisumu.

The hospital offers affordable maternity services for both the caesarian section and normal delivery.

Location: Ring road, Kisumu.

Mobile +254 73 574 7009

Open Hours: 24 Hours


3. Jalaram Nursing Home.

Location:  Next to the Shell petrol station, Kisumu- Kakamega road.

Mobile +254 73 574 7009

Open Hours: 24 hours.

The hospital offers affordable maternity charges.


4. Marie Stopes Kenya Maternity Home.

The hospital offers the following maternity services at affordable prices;

  • Antenatal services.
  • Emergency obstetrics care.
  • Caesarian section.
  • Immunization

Location:  Kakamega road, opposite Nyanza Provincial hospital.

Phone 0721471013


5. Avenue Hospital Kisumu

The hospital offers the following maternity packages;

  • Unlimited visits to the Antenatal clinic.
  • One obstetric scan.
  • Multivitamin and Ferrous sulfate tabs.
  • Advice on diet and exercise for pregnant mom.
  • Childcare.

Location: Opposite the Kibuye market along Kisumu- Kakamega road.

Phone 0718 860200


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Date published: 22/09/2017
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