Updated List of 15 Best Private Hospitals in Kisumu County

Kisumu County hosts the biggest city in the western parts of Kenya. It prides is a rich cultural heritage, administrative, and Lake Victoria port services. Under the stewardship of Governor. Anyang Nyong'o who has worked hard to give his residents the best health care in the county. The county boasts of richness in hospitals, both private and public, which offer high specialization and quality healthcare.

1. Avenue Hospital

Avenue hospital in Kisumu offers both in-patient and out-patient services, special clinic services, radiology, major and minor surgeries, pharmacy, pediatrics, and general consultations.

It is located in Al Imran Plaza, Oginga Odinga Street

Contacts: +254 725 589 246


2. Meridian Medical Centre

Meridian Medical Centre Kisumu offers out-patient consultation, laboratory services, dispensing pharmacy, diagnostics radiology, and dental services. According to google reviews, the hospital offers good and quality healthcare services as well as has a lovely ambiance and friendly staff.

Location: Oginga Odinga Street

Contacts: 0709 572 046 / 020 2691548


3. Aga Khan Hospital

With a rich history since its establishment in 1952, the Agha Khan Hospital Kisumu boasts of 76-bed capacity while offering both medicine and specialist services to their patients. It also offers high tech diagnostic services.

Location: Otieno Oyoo Street, Kisumu Town

Contacts: +254 722 203 622/ +254 733 637 566


4. Kisumu Specialists Hospital

This is a 50-bed capacity hospital providing comprehensive medical and specialty healthcare services to the Lake basin region. It offers emergency in-patient and out-patient services, maternity, diagnostic imaging, surgery, pharmacy, endoscopy, physiotherapy, and pediatrics.

Location: RIAT Junction, Along Kisumu-Kakamega Highway

Contacts: +254 780 154 131


5. Milimani Maternity Hospital

It is open 24 hours and offers excellent medical and maternity services to expectant mothers and their babies. It offers both inpatient and outpatient services. It accepts NHIF cards and it is accredited under NHIF code 441-40100 KISUMU.

It is located opposite Mt Camel Nyalenda, along Ring Road.

Contacts: +254 057 202 1450


6. St Lukes Medical Centre

St. Lukes Medical Centre Kisumu has been offering quality medical care to its nearby and far residents since its inception in 2003. It prides itself in offering both inpatient and outpatient 24 hours of medical services. NHIF accredited number 4195-40100.

Location: Jomo Kenyatta Highway, Kisumu Town

Contacts: 0733 709 279


7. St Jairus Hospital

With an NHIF accredited number of 4902-40103, St Jairus hospital Kisumu offers both out-patient/in-patient, maternity, and surgical services.

Location: Off Kisumu-Busia Road, Opposite Kisumu International Airport

Contacts: 0716 258 129


9. Star Hospital

It offers general in-patient and out-patient medical services. Also offers treatment for the children. It is NHIF approved under the code 4516-40100 KISUMU.

Location: Ramogi Road Junction, Kisumu Town

Contact: 0702 650048


10. Jalaram Nursing Home

Working closely with the local and surrounding communities, the hospital offers medical care to the orphans and grandparents under the support of Wakonyu.

Location: about 2kms from Kisumu city at Patels Flats, Next to Shell Petrol Station, Along Kisumu-Kakamega Highway

Contacts: 0722 731 513 / 0775 044980


11. Acacia Medical Centre Kisumu

It is a fully-fledged hospital offering specialized medical diagnostic in hematology and other services. Their services are fast because they value their clientele

Located in: Mega City Mall
Address: Kondele Kisumu - Nairobi Rd Nakumatt megacity
Phone: 0729 666675 
12. Port Florence Hospital
Approved by NHIF under the code 3417-40100, the hospital offers both general and private ward services. They also have excellent laboratory and radiological examination services.
Located in: Mega Plaza
Address: West, Kisumu, Central Kisumu, Kisumu, Kisumu
Phone: 0720 091232


13. Interfelk Medical Centre

This is a level 2 clinic Located in Nyalenda Western, Off Ring Road, Ring Rd, Kisumu, Kenya | Hospital offering quality medical care under the watch of KMPDU.
Phone number 0706 594546
14. Masaba Hospital Kisumu
This hospital offers quality healthcare through both inpatient and outpatient services. They have ambulance services and dedicated medical staff.
Located: Along Kisumu - Busia Road, West Kisumu Kisumu West
Phone: 0714 906435
15. Bliss Medical Centre Kisumu
Bliss Medical Centre Kisumu offers very excellence in service delivery with qualified staff. Their consultants are always present once booked and customers feel at least appreciated
Address: Almiran Plaza, Oginga Odinga Rd, street
Phone: 0786 412426

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Bloom Surgical Centre location megacity Packing lot next to G4S phone no.0758 810 776 this hospital provides best specilist servicers and surgical needs within the enviroment of kisumu even the shortest lenth of stay in the hospital ,that means professinalism in the management of the patients,consider them on the list to

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