Updated List 15 Best Private Hospitals in Kirinyaga County

here is a list of 15 best private hospitals in Kirinyaga County.


1. Kerugoya Medical Centre

It offers quality and affordable inpatient and outpatient medical services in radiology and imaging, pharmacy, accident and emergency, cardiology, nutrition, counseling, surgical operations, and vaccinations.

Location: Kibingo, Along Kerugoya- Karatina Road.

Contacts: 0715 687 419


2. ACK Mt Kenya Hospital

It offers both inpatient and outpatient services, general medical consultations, laboratory diagnostics, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and X-ray services.

Location: Along Kerugoya-Karatina Road

Contacts: 0722 893 833


3. Karira Mission Hospital

Location: Karira, Near Kirinyaga Town

Contacts: 0722 260 748/ 0737 801 707


4. Mwea Medical Centre

It offers laboratory services, pharmacy, basic emergency care, immunization, antenatal care and maternity services.

Location: Mwea

Contacts: 0710 632 041


5. Kagio Nursing Home

It offers quality medication on a 24-hour basis.

Location: Along Kagio-Sagana Road

Contacts: 0722 397 741


6. Bliss Kerugoya Medical Centre

It offers laboratory services, doctors consultation, pharmacy, ultrasound, dental and optical care.

Location: Professional Building, Kerugoya Town

Contacts: +254 780 100 926


7. Mwea County Medical Centre

Location: Thiba, Mwea

Contacts: 0715 165 498


8. Whiterose Medical Centre

Location: Mwea

Contacts: 0722 574 153


9. Our Lady Of Lourdes Mwea Hospital

It offers quality medical services in laboratory diagnostics, radiology and imaging, pharmacy, physiotherapy, surgical operations and general medical consultations.

Location: Ngurubani

Contacts: +254 0202  032 382


10. Quintet Hospital

Location: Kutus, Next to Kirinyaga University

Contacts: 0711 479 333

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Comments (1)

  • at
  • 17/Apr/21 08:46am

Kerugoya fortis is also a great private hospital

  • at
  • 15/Jan/24 12:00pm

I liked the hospital too. Kerugoya fortis has good nurses and services

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