Updated List of 15 Best Private Hospitals In Embu County

Below is the compiled list of the 15 best hospitals in Embu county. In no particular order, we present to you the best private hospitals for your medical and healthcare needs.

1. Tenri Embu Children Hospital Group

It provides healthcare services on laboratory, dialysis, pharmacy, ultrasound, imaging, physiotherapy, and pediatrics. It is well equipped with MRI and CT scans for all patients under request.

Location: Off Embu-Kiritiri Road, Embu Town

Contacts: +254 723 386 706



2. Agha Khan University Hospital Medical Centre Embu

Location: Kenyatta Avenue, Eastern Emporium Building

Contacts: +254 20 366 2670


3. Imara Mediplus

Imara Mediplus is a multi-specialty healthcare facility that guarantees exceptional healthcare services such as; imaging, laboratory, specialty clinics, pharmacy, general consultations, and dental services.

Location: Njue Plaza- Embu Town

Contacts: +254 773 198 677/ +254 722 353 250


4. St Michael Hospital Embu

It offers both in-patient and out-patient services, laboratory services, family planning, maternity, HIV testing, and counseling. 

Location: Runyenjes Town


5. County Medical Centre

You can easily use your NHIF card in this hospital and get instant treatment. NHIF approval code 0018353.

It is located along the Embu-Nairobi Highway.

Contacts: 0707 143 125


6. Consolata Hospital Embu

It is NHIF approved under the code 6664028, meaning, with your NHIF card ready, you can receive treatment and majestically walk away.

Location: Along Embu-Chuka Highway, about 4 kilometers from Runyenjes Town

Contacts: +254 722 465 997


7. Outspan Hospital

It offers general out-patient services, surgical services, obstetrics, dental services, ophthalmology, laboratory services, ultrasound, physiotherapy, and psychology. 

Location: Pearl Center, Along Patel Road

Contacts: 0792 479 950


8. Liberty Nursing Home

It offers family planning services, maternal and childcare, ultrasound, surgical operations, dental care and laboratory examinations.

Location: Embu Town

Contacts: 0713 476 241


9. Joykim Nursing Home Embu

This hospital is NHIF approved under code 6664726. You can receive treatment with your NHIF card here.

Location: Next to GK Prison Kiritiri Road, Embu Town

Contacts: 0716 519 178


10. Kangaru Clinic And Maternity

Location: Kangaru Town

Contacts: +254 068 31167


11. Embu-Mbeere Hospice

This is a private charitable hospital providing palliative healthcare services around the regions of Larger Embu, Mbeere, Meru South and Kirinyaga Districts and their environments.

Address: Mbeere South, Mbeere South, Embu
Contact:0777 284586

12. Frevane Hospital

Offers quality healthcare and has a medical training college within.  It is classified as a Level 4 Primary care hospitals regulated by Kenya MPDB inMbeti North ward, Embu County.

Address: Mbeti North, Manyatta, Manyatta, Embu
Hours: Open 24 hours


13. Comrade Medical Centre Embu

Location or address: Sacco Building,
Embu Highway,
Embu, 60100

Contact: +254 72 291 9470


14. Potter`s Family Hospital

Ranked as level 3 private hospital offering excellent medical healthcare. It is NHIF accredited and accepts other insurance cards.

Address: Kirimari, Manyatta, Manyatta, Embu
Phone: 0724 696048
15. St Michael Nursing Home (kwa maina)
The last in our list is St Michael Nursing Home Embu which is fully operational for ART Anti-retroviral Therapy, Community Integrated Management of Childhood Illness, Family Planning, Home Based Care, Inpatient Department services. It boasts of 47-bed capacity with 24/7 hours operation even on weekends. 
St Michael Nursing Home is located in Runyenjes in Embu/Meru Rd, Runyenjes;
City/Town: Runyenjes;
Phone number: 068-62437

I hope my article was helpful in your search for the Best Private Hospitals In Embu County. If not, let us know what we can improve by commenting below

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Date published: 22/09/2017
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