Updated List of Maternity Hospitals in Nakuru

Searching for the best maternity hospital to give birth can be pretty daunting especially if you are not sure about the hospitals around your area. As such, I have assumed the responsibility of updating you about the list of maternity hospitals in Nakuru to make your search easier.

1. Mediheal Group of Hospitals.

Location:  Nairobi-Nakuru Highway.

Phone: 0717 877865

Email: info.nkr@medihealgroup.com

Open Hours: 24 Hours.

The hospital provides a welcoming and attractive environment for its patients. It offers cost-effective health care services. It provides international standard medical services.

The maternity wing is well-equipped. It offers the best child delivery experience.


2. Nakuru Annex Hospital.

Location: Milimani estate, Nakuru.

Email: rvpghnakuru@yahoo.com

Phone: 0512215580

Open Hours: 24 Hours

The hospital offers affordable maternity services. It has a private wing in the maternity.


3. Nairobi Women’s Hospital Nakuru.

Location: Nakuru town Cbd.

Phone: 0713113499

Open Hours: 24 Hours

The hospital’s maternity package is designed to take some financial risk out of having a baby. The maternity charges range from as low as Sh.30, 000 for normal delivery.

The hospital offers a fully-fledged maternity wing. Payment can also be done in installments.


4. Nakuru Maternity & Nursing Home.

Location:  Shadrack Kimalel road, Nakuru.

Phone: 051 2210243

Open Hours: 24 Hours

The hospital offers pretty reasonable and affordable maternity charges. The hospital’s maternity care covers everything from labor and delivery to newborn care.


5. Afraha Maternity & Nursing Home.

Location: Near Nakuru’s Afraha Stadium.

Phone: 0737372849

Open Hours: 24 hours.

The hospital is located in a serene environment that is favorable to its patients. It offers modern maternity services with affordable maternity charges.


6. Bondeni Maternity Hospital

Location:  Kalewa road, Nakuru.

Open Hours: 24 hours

The Bondeni maternity hospital is a modern health facility with state-of-art equipment.

The health facility prepares well-balanced food for the patients. The maternity unit has a newly- built wing that is improved with hot showers and mosquito nets. Maternity charges are also affordable.


7. Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

Location: Nakuru-Sigor road.

Phone: 0721 750460

Open Hours: 24 hours.

The hospital has established a Mega Mother and Baby Wing. The wing is equipped with modern equipment that makes it attract more patients.

The facility offers safe and affordable maternal childcare.


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Date published: 22/09/2017
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