Updated List Of Best Private Hospitals In Nakuru County: Top 15 Best Hospitals

At some point you will realize searching for the best private hospitals in Nakuru county can be a necessity and tiresome. This comes when one is in need of specialized hospital service and doesn't want to fumble around hospitals with poor health care services. Nakuru county has been working tirelessly to improve its healthcare services to the residents.

It would worth noting that Kenya National Bureau of Statistics [KNBS] has ranked Nakuru county among the top 5 counties with the better healthcare system.

Below, in no particular order, we present you a list of Top 15 Best Private Hospitals in Nakuru County.



It is located at Riva Business Centre, Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru.

Its location within the town centre makes it one of the most preferred private hospitals in Nakuru.

Services offered include gynaecology, dentistry and internal medicine.

Contact 051 2217003.



Mediheal group of hospitals was stablished in 2010 and boasts as the leading healthcare provider in East Africa with 120 fully equipped beds, maternity ward, 4 CT scans, operating theatres and a modern casual unit. It is best known for providing affordable healthcare services which are of good quality, with services delivered promptly. 

Services offering include Ophthalmology, pathology, dentistry, internal medicine and gynaecology just to mention a few.

Mediheal hospital Nakuru branch accepts AON for the teachers.

There CT scan cost is about 5k-10k, depending on whether it's plain or with contrast, and also on the part of the body.


Mediheal have many branches within Nakuru county. There's one in the CBD Opposite Mache plaza. Also, they have their Annex hospital along the Morara highway located at Giddo plaza. 

Contact info.nkr@medihealgroup.com or call 0735000735.



It is located at Polo Centre, Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru. The Nakuru branch was officially opened in June 2011, making it Avenue’s 7th clinic in Kenya. Services offered include doctor consultation, radiology, pharmacy and laboratory services, postnatal and minor surgical procedures among others. Avenue Healthcare contact  +254 722 226 446 or nakuru@avenuehealthcare.com.



Established in 1998, Evans Sunrise Medical Centre is a 75-bed hospital that values its strong relationship with its clients. An expansion of the hospital over the years has seen it increase its equipment, human resource as well as infrastructure. An outpatient clinic of the same was opened in June 2008. It is located at Oyster Shell Building, Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru. Contact [+254]51-2214207.


5. Valley Hospital

It is one of the best hospitals within the heat of Nakuru County boasting of its commitment to providing affordable and efficient health services such as general medical consultations, radiology, family planning, laboratory services, dental, surgical and morgue services.

Location: West Road, Opposite Hotel Waterbuck

Contacts: +254 512 214 503


6. Evans Sunrise Medical Centre

It is a 75-bed capacity hospital that commenced operations in 1998. It offers outpatient and inpatient medical services, emergency and specialised medical services.

Location: Oginga Odinga Avenue

Contacts: +254 512 214 207


7. Nakuru War Memorial Hospital

 This is a Private Hospital & Nursing Home 

Location: Annex Building, State House Road, Nakuru Town

Contacts: 0718 252 405



It was launched in 2014 with the aim of providing affordable quality healthcare to patients. Up to date, they carry on with those missions and hope to open other branches with similar motives. It is located at Gralex plaza in Kenlands, Nakuru and they offer a combination of both medical and educational services. Contact 0713986792.



It is located at CBA Centre building along Kenyatta Avenue. It came in as an expansion of Nairobi Women’s hospital, Nairobi branch. It is widely known for providing quality and affordable healthcare services to low and middle-income earning women and their families in Kenya.

Services offered include casualty, laboratory, pharmacy, pre and postnatal, surgery and radiology among others.

Contact 0711113499.

Nairobi Women hospital Naivasha branch

Location: Prema Plaza, Moi Avenue

Contacts: 0709 667 000



This hospital came up as a result of a teamwork project by 13 medical professionals, that is nine specialists and four general practitioners. It is located at Lanet, Nakuru county. For it to come to life, they had realized that the county’s health sector was short of specialized services.

Its aim is to ensure that patients in the county will not be referred to anywhere else since the hospital is fully equipped with stuff such as modern X-ray machines. Major departments include dental, gynaecology, orthopaedic, obstetrics and paediatric department.

Contact 0700907000.



It is located at Apollo Centre, Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru. Services offered include doctors consultation, ultrasound, pharmacy and laboratory services. They open every day, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Contact +254 786 412 317 or email info@blissmedicalcentre.com.

Bliss Medical Centre Naivasha Branch

Location: Maryland Building, Next to Kenya Power

Contacts: +254 780 100 036


12. Mercy Mission Hospital Annex

It is a leading Christian mission hospital that offers general inpatient and outpatient medical services.

Location: Nakuru Town


13. Medicross Hospital

Services and facilities offered include; X-ray, pharmacy, laboratory, optometric eye clinic, CT Scan, ultrasound and physiotherapy.

Location: George Morara Road, Next to CMC Motors

Contacts: +254 717 118 737


14.  Bondeni Maternity Hospital

The Bondeni maternity hospital is a modern health facility with state-of-art equipment. The hospital is located in Kalewa road, Nakuru.

The health facility prepares well-balanced food for the patients. The maternity unit has a newly- built wing that is improved with hot showers and mosquito nets. Maternity charges are also affordable.

Open Hours: 24 hours.


15. Afraha Maternity & Nursing Home.

Location: Near Nakuru’s Afraha Stadium.

Phone: 0737372849

Open Hours: 24 hours.

The hospital is located in a serene environment that is favourable to its patients. It offers modern maternity services with affordable maternity charges.

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