First Successful Weight Loss Surgery In Kenya Referral Hospital

In the recent past weight loss has been an issue going through the minds of almost every person on earth.

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were among the most searches on the internet as per 2019. This means that people are looking for safe ways to lose weight apart from other methods such as exercising through jogging, hitting the gym, practicing, KETO or OMADIntermittent Fasting, and others. 

Here are some of the natural ways or methods to weight loss;

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In Kenya, Nairobi, Kenyatta National Hospital on 31st May 2019 conducted the very first ever weight loss surgery well known as Bariatric surgery which will be a great thing for the patients with weight loss issues and also normalize blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, resolves joint problems among other benefits. 

Acting Chief Executive Officer KNH Evanson Kamuri on Friday said the surgery was a great milestone as it’s the first one to be conducted in a Kenyan public hospital. 

“A multidisciplinary team of surgeons, doctors and nurses successfully carried out first Bariatric surgery of its kind in KNH on 66-yr old John Muthama who before had been diagnosed with class 3 obesity,” he said.

Muthama was weighing 176kgs with a BMI of 59.5kg/m2 and had developed multiple problems as a result of the obesity.

Kamuri said Kenyatta is now adequately equipped to carry out weight reduction surgeries.

“I encourage Kenyans grappling with weight issues to visit Kenyatta because the government has built three more complexes for minor surgeries and now we can comfortably conduct three surgeries in a day,” he said.

He said more than one hundred Kenyans travel abroad every year to have weight reduction surgery which is quite expensive and some cannot afford.


According to lead surgeon Kennedy Odede, Muthama underwent sleeve gastrectomy a procedure involving removal of about 80 per cent of the stomach leaving a tube-shaped stomach the size and shape of a banana. This restricts the amount of food a person is able to consume which consequently leads to weight loss.


Bariatric surgery is carried out on persons with BMI above 40 especially to people who experience health problems like type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Dr Odede said this was the best option for Muthama since they had explored all other methods of losing weight and they were ineffective.

Odede said now there is no need for Kenyans to travel abroad to have the surgery as it can be conducted in the country at a cheaper cost.

“This surgery abroad costs not less than Sh1.5 million. The same surgery we have done in one and a half hours and it cost less than Sh500,000,” said Dr Odede.

Dr Odede, however, said there is an increased burden of non-communicable diseases to the health care system, and called upon Kenyans to embrace healthy lifestyles to avoid being obese and diseases that come with it. 


This weight loss surgery follows the other one that was done in India in 2016 where Arya Panama: World’s Heaviest 10-year-old Child Losses 100kg

In his official Facebook page, Arya Panama: world heaviest child posted after the successive surgery and exercise. In his post, he said 

"All the best requires processes, struggles, and willingness from our own hearts."


Image may contain: 3 people, people standing
Back in 2016, a viral video on facebook shocked many people around the world as the child was struggling with the weight of about 192kgs. Coming from the suburbs of Karawang,  West Java, Indonesia; Arya Panama a 10-year-old while in an interview at their home, he said all that he wishes to have is "reduced body size that will enable me to walk easily and play with my friends." He actually weighed 6 times more weight as compared to 10-year-old counterparts CONTINUE READING>>

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Date published: 22/09/2017
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